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Growlanser Generations Unlikely To Be Re-Released On PSN

By Alistair . October 26, 2017 . 9:30am

Victor Ireland, president of Gaijinworks, and previously Working Designs, which localized Growlanser Generations, recently commented on the state of localization for the series.

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A Look At Udon’s Disgaea, Atelier, Growlanser, And Valkyria Art Books

By Matt . April 4, 2013 . 11:20am

UDON’s marketing manager explained to me that Takehito Harada Art Works Volume 1 is noteworthy for showing the process that Harada uses. Everything from the original line work to how the colors are laid out.

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This Is How You Play Growlanser

By Spencer . May 12, 2009 . 12:01pm

Growlanser, the much less mentioned Atlus PSP port, comes out in Japan on Thursday. This video gives us a look at the battle system, which take place in real time similar to Growlanser: Heritage of War.

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Glance At Growlanser’s Characters

By Spencer . April 1, 2009 . 8:55am

Even though they were announced on the same day, Persona got a ton of coverage while Growlanser faded in the background. Seems logical since Growlanser didn’t exactly explode in North America like the Persona series.   Like Persona, Growlanser is the first game of the series. The PSP revision adds more story paths, a new […]

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Atlus Retooling Persona, Growlanser For PSP

By Spencer . February 4, 2009 . 2:00am

In April the Shin Megami Tensei spinoff that kicked off the Persona series is coming to the PSP. Famitsu says the game is a “remake”, but it looks more like a tweaked port a la Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War.   Atlus is adding new animated cutscenes to Persona and it looks like the […]

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Grab Growlanser: Heritage of War before it’s gone

By Spencer . September 19, 2007 . 3:33am

Atlus sent over a little reminder that Growlanser: Heritage of War is out in stores. The $50 limited edition comes bundled with goodies like a multimedia DVD, pins, cards, a keychain and an art book. Oh yeah there’s an enhanced version of Growlanser V in there too with a harder difficulty level. Remember, Growlanser: Heritage […]

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A look at the swag bundled with Growlanser: Heritage of War

By Spencer . August 3, 2007 . 11:00am

Remember how Atlus mentioned a sizable list of goodies that are part of the Growlanser: Heritage of War limited edition? This picture lays out exactly what you’re going to get. Also it looks like Growlanser: Heritage of War isn’t going to be sold at an inflated price, most retail outlets list it at $49.99.

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The Precarious World of Growlanser VI

By Rolando . August 2, 2007 . 4:22pm

Recently I had the luxury of playing the sixth installment of the Growlanser universe only to learn that Growlanser VI, much like Growlanser V, really is a good game that anyone should play if it comes Stateside. Anyone who's played Growlanser V will instantly be reminded of just how VI plays simply because both games […]

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Growlanser: Heritage of War and the super limited edition

By Spencer . July 20, 2007 . 1:48pm

Growlanser is getting a jaw dropping release with a keychain, two lenticular cards (read: holographic cards), three pins, a 100 page art book and a multimedia disc with music as well as artwork. There is a Playstation 2 game somewhere in the swag heavy package too. The kicker is Growlanser: Heritage of War is getting […]

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Growlanser series continues, Heritage of War coming soon

By Spencer . May 10, 2007 . 9:08pm

  Remember Working Designs? All the good memories from Lunar and Dragon Force? Before they went belly up Working Designs took the initiative to bring the Growlanser series to North America, which is a little strange since the game is developed by Atlus in Japan. Atlus USA announced that they will be picking up the […]

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