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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Playtest: Dash, Attack, Rinse, Repeat

By Jenni . July 15, 2011 . 1:08pm

In Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, pilots from multiple Gundam series suddenly find themselves all summoned to a strange zone. Even though they’d normally never see each other, they team up to try and find ways back to their own series.

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Takes Off From The Launch Bay Today

By Ishaan . June 29, 2011 . 3:02pm

As a reminder, Namco released yet another colorful batch of screenshots for the game.

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Kou Uraki And Setsuna F. Seiei Clash In Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

By Spencer . May 6, 2011 . 12:01pm

Characters and mobile suits from Gundam 00, Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Gundam UC, and After War Gundam X are newly added to Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3.

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Brings Cel-Shaded Mobile Suits To Consoles

By Spencer . February 4, 2011 . 9:02am

Namco Bandai confirmed Gundam Musou 3 will be released overseas as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3.

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Gundam Double X Prepares For Battle In Gundam Musou 3

By Spencer . December 3, 2010 . 4:26pm

One of the most powerful Gundam is playable in Gundam Musou 3.

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Gundam Musou 3 Launches In December

By Spencer . September 30, 2010 . 3:54am

Look for Namco Bandai’s next Gundam and Dynasty Warriors mashup on December 16. That’s when Gundam Musou 3 comes out and this game has a different look than Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 And Gundam Musou 3 Graphics Compared

By Spencer . September 9, 2010 . 2:36am

Gundam Musou 3 has more of an anime feel to it with cel-shaded graphics. How does it stack up to the last game?

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Gundam Musou 3 Beam Sabers PS3 And Xbox 360 This Winter

By Spencer . September 7, 2010 . 7:22pm

Next Dynasty Warriors Gundam game goes for cel-shading.

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