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Apollo Justice coming to North America in 2008

By Spencer . November 9, 2007 . 12:01pm

Make that early 2008 according to an e-mail Capcom just sent over. That’s about all there is to report aside from the localization team pinning Klavier Gavin with a German accent. The release date should give Phoenix Wright fans plenty of time to complete Trials and Tribulations and run through Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, […]

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Harvey Birdman delay confirmed

By Spencer . October 22, 2007 . 5:36am

Shortly after I posted up some sleuthing pointing to a Harvey Birdman delay, DiscoJer brought the question directly Capcom on their message boards. Christian Svensson acknowledged the delay with this statement,   “The game is and has been finished, submitted and approved, however we felt releasing the game on the same day 112 other SKUs […]

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Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law… delayed?

By Spencer . October 19, 2007 . 5:46pm

This news is far from official, but a handful of online retailers have Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law listed in 2008.  Capcom originally planned to release the game in November. Then again it was originally only coming out for the Playstation 2 and PSP. Could the last minute addition of a Wii version be the […]

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Is Harvey Birdman different for the Wii? Nah.

By Spencer . September 5, 2007 . 9:06pm

Following our Harvey Birdman interview I asked Capcom if there is any difference between the Wii version and the PS2/PSP release outside the obligatory point and click control. The response I got was that there is “no difference between the versions.” Remember the PS2/PSP versions ring up at $30 while the Wii version costs $40. […]

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Ha! Ha! Harvey Birdman interview with High Voltage Software

By Spencer . September 5, 2007 . 2:24pm

Now that Harvey Biirdman: Attorney at Law is coming to three systems you probably want to know more about it. To delve deeper in the game we spoke to Kevin Sheller, a veteran producer from High Voltage Software who has previously worked with comedy fueled games like the Family Guy Game. Please note that this […]

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Harvey Birdman officially coming to the Wii

By Spencer . September 4, 2007 . 11:08am

We called it weeks ago. Now Capcom sent an e-mail over confirming that Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law will be a Nintendo Wii title too. The Wii version will be sold alongside the Playstation 2 and PSP games on November 13, but it will cost $10 more. Capcom has not specified what justifies the $39.99 […]

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Hands on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

By Spencer . July 27, 2007 . 1:58am

The best thing about the Harvey Birdman game is it feels like you’re playing an episode straight from the show. Instead of having the case told through text boxes like Capcom’s other legal drama game, Harvey Birdman tells the story through videos, voiced by the TV cast. In the demo case Peter Potamus is accused […]

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Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law coming in November

By Spencer . July 26, 2007 . 11:47pm

Blurry, but informative news from the Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Comic-Con flyer. It nails the release date for the Playstation 2, PSP game as November 13, 2007 opposed to the vague Q4 2007 release window. Impressions of the Playstation 2 version are coming shortly.

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Details on Capcom’s Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law project

By Spencer . April 16, 2007 . 4:06pm

I know Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trial and Tribulations is coming out in September, but the law game that has my eye this year is Capcom’s Harvey Birdman title. Capcom announced the title at their 2007 Gamers day and a few more details about the game are trickling in. It’s being pegged as an “interactive […]

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