Post 5094

Move over Mrs. Pac-Man, make room for Mr. Pac-Man

By Spencer . June 27, 2007 . 12:16pm

The title alone makes this rom hack worth mentioning, but there is more to Mr. Pac-Man besides a clever name. The repurposed release of Mrs. Pac-Man has new maps to check out and a new ghost. Granted it’s not nearly as lavish as Pac-Man: Championship Edition, but the NES never had widescreen support or HD […]

Post 5017

Lost Phantasy Star, found and fan translated

By Spencer . June 22, 2007 . 12:08am

Before online gaming was chic Sega tipped their hat into the online ring with the Sega Channel in the USA and SegaMega Net in Japan. Both devices let players access online only content such as Mega Man: The Wily Wars (*was released as a cartridge in regions outside the USA) and a series of text […]

Post 4620

Mario meets Lode Runner

By Spencer . May 31, 2007 . 2:28pm

  Ahh… Lode Runner we meet again and you’ve come a long way from being a stick figure. When Hudson picked up the rights to make a Famicom game they replaced the enemies with robots that look like Bomberman and a hero who bears a resemblance to Mario.   Maybe that was the inspiration for […]

Post 4544

Wolfenstein 3D: From guns to swords

By Spencer . May 24, 2007 . 9:28am

Fans are still keeping Wolfenstein 3D alive years after it single handedly created the FPS genre. Fellow Siliconera writer, Gnome, posted over on his site a link to a couple of fan developed mods for the game. Most of them are the standard enemy swaps with new layouts and a tweaked weapon except for medEvil, […]

Post 4413

Super Mario Brothers redesigned to frustrate you to no end

By Spencer . May 15, 2007 . 8:14am

Many of the Super Mario Brothers hacks on the market are designed to test how well you can exploit bugs in the game. This hack discovered by the Lost Levels is different, it’s designed to test your patience. Level 1-1 starts with Mario falling on a question mark block and a huge gaping pit to […]

Post 4281

Watch: Conquering Hard Relay Super Mario Brothers

By Spencer . May 6, 2007 . 2:26pm

Hard Relay Mario Brothers is a sadistic hack of Super Mario Brothers that requires players to exploit glitches to complete the game. While an emulator is used, it still takes skill to do tricks like bouncing off a moving koopa shell and passing through solid objects. TAS videos explains how to do some of the […]

Post 4247

Watch: Dancing to the Price is Right

By Spencer . May 3, 2007 . 7:21am

Instead of waiting for Konami to choreograph the steps to new songs the Stepmania community takes matters in their own hands by making SIM files, with inhuman dance sequences only for the hardcore. While there are lots of songs out in the wild many of them fall into the video game music, anime theme or […]

Post 3943

Love for Everlasting Love

By Spencer . April 13, 2007 . 3:06pm

One of the more creative games I’ve got my hands on is a homebrew Nintendo DS game called Everlasting Love. The concept is deceptively simple guide a monkey from the start of the level to the end only by jumping, no walking. Things get tricky because the monkey jumps to the beat of the song […]

Post 3927

Fan based Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 translation to tide you over

By Spencer . April 12, 2007 . 3:31pm

While fans of the Fire Emblem series are hoping that Nintendo will localize some of the older Fire Emblem games for the Virtual Console Shaya and company took the time to finish up work on the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 translation, the final Fire Emblem game for the Super Famicom. The patch isn’t complete, but […]

Post 3432

Stepmania X Wii controller: Dancing with the Wiimote

By Spencer . March 6, 2007 . 10:34am

With the help of a custom GlovePIE script the Wii remote can be used to play Stepmania. The demo shows that instead of pressing keys or stomping on arrows you move the remote: up, down, left or right. It’s a new way to experience DDR, but hopefully Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party will be more […]

Post 3419

Playing original Atari 2600 cartridges on the Atari Flashback

By Konstantinos . March 6, 2007 . 8:46am

Atari Flashback wasn’t exactly the retro gamer’s dream machine it was supposed to be. Sad, I know, but true. Atari Flashback 2.0, on the other hand, is thankfully a totally different console and a huge improvement over the original v.1.0, finally offering a proper Atari 2600 gaming experience. Not only are the glitches of the […]

Post 3159

Midiboy and other Game Boy development goodies

By Spencer . February 12, 2007 . 10:36am

  There’s a bounty of beta Game Boy cartridges on eBay. Seller devwan has prototype cartridges for Heroes of Might & Magic 2, Army Men 2 and Games Frenzy, which was only released in Europe online. The games aren’t that interesting unless you’ve been fishing for a copy of Rox. However, he has two items […]

Post 3155

Re-localizing Chrono Trigger

By Spencer . February 12, 2007 . 7:38am

Was the Chrono Trigger translation that bad? Some of the items were renamed (tonic instead of potion) and techniques were squeezed together to fit text spacing limits, but it wasn’t awful. DarknessSavior aims to clean up differences with a Chrono Trigger patch that has the original item names and fixes any censorship issues in the […]

Post 3051

Watch: Chotto Shot the PSP night vision camera

By Spencer . February 6, 2007 . 12:43pm

The PSP camera peripheral doesn’t have particularly impressive specs. It’s just a 1.3 megapixel camera, that takes photos and video clips. If you have a camera phone the PSP camera is about the same quality or lower. To get some extra use out of the Chotto Shot, one modder over at AcidMods found a way […]

Post 3000

Mega Man Battle Network 4.5 translation in the works

By Spencer . February 2, 2007 . 12:35pm

Even though the Mega Man Battle Network series has a following in North America, Capcom decided to pass on publishing Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation outside of Japan. Unlike the other games Rockman EXE 4.5’s focus is on controlling your net navis, indirectly. You can’t direct your net navis with the D-pad instead they move […]

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