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The Mach Punch Legend, Honor Student And The Hot Blooded Tough Guy

By Spencer . May 10, 2013 . 1:42am

Arc System Works introduced the bad asses in Hot Blooded Tough Guy Kunio SP: Fighting Concerto with a new video that’s kind of like a pixilated high school year book.

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River City Ransom Creator Wrote A Story For New Kunio Game

By Spencer . May 2, 2013 . 4:02pm

While a River City Ransom 2 is in development, it won’t be out until 2014. Fans of Technos’ beat ’em ups might want to check out Hot Blooded Tough Guy Kunio: Fighting Concerto.

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Deadly Dodgeball In Arc System Works’ Retro Beat ‘Em Up

By Spencer . April 24, 2013 . 3:00pm

Developer Million made new modes for players that want to do more than rough up punks on the streets of Tokyo. You can check out extracurricular activities and play a game of deadly dodgeball.

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Another Kunio-Kun Game Is Hitting 3DS In August

By Spencer . April 24, 2013 . 12:16am

Renegade, Super Dodgeball Brawlers, and River City Ransom are all part of one series in Japan with high school ruffians called Kunio-kun.

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