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A Closer Look At The Tales of Graces / [email protected] Crossover

By Spencer . December 14, 2009 . 10:20am

Starting on December 16, you can dress the three Tales of Graces girls with [email protected]: Dearly Stars outfits.

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Oh, So That’s Why The [email protected]: Dearly Stars Is Rated CERO C

By Spencer . July 13, 2009 . 1:00am

The [email protected]: Dearly Stars packs a surprise. A secret you wouldn’t suspect about Ryo, the rightmost idol on the box.

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[email protected] Dearly Star Has A DSi Specific Main Menu

By Spencer . June 30, 2009 . 7:23pm

Namco Bandai shined some light on how Nintendo DSi enhanced games work with screenshots from [email protected]: Dearly Stars. Plug the game into a DSi and you get more menu options.

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[email protected] DS Appears To Be Japan’s First DSi Enhanced Game

By Spencer . June 2, 2009 . 5:40pm

The first [email protected]: Dearly Stars trailer is meant to introduce the new idols, but I think Namco Bandai inadvertently announced camera support.

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[email protected]: Dearly Stars Starring On The Nintendo DS

By Spencer . May 27, 2009 . 5:49am

A Famitsu scan confirms what we surmised months ago, an [email protected] game is in development for the Nintendo DS. [email protected]: Dearly Stars is slated to come out in Japan this fall.

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