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Free Infinite Undiscovery DLC Sneaks Onto Xbox Live

By Spencer . October 7, 2008 . 10:44am

Maybe that Last Remnant downloadable content will be free in the not so distant future. Square Enix recently put up two pieces of free Infinite Undiscovery DLC on the Xbox Live Marketplace. You can download “A voucher” and “B voucher” to get access to synthesis items not commonly found in stores. Granted these are only […]

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So these are the characters of Infinite Undiscovery

By Spencer . August 27, 2008 . 10:27am

Infinite Undiscovery makes its worldwide debut in North America next Tuesday, something you may not be aware of since Tri-Ace’s game is barely making a blip. Square Enix and Microsoft, the original publisher, don’t seem to be promoting Infinite Undiscovery much these days. A trailer from Famitsu showcases characters such as Kristofor, Serafima, Solenstam, and […]

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Infinite Undiscovery has Star Ocean’s private events

By Spencer . August 11, 2008 . 11:01am

Way back in Star Ocean, the first one for the Super Famicom, Tri-Ace included optional story scenes where players can chat with their party before entering a town. This feature carried over to later Star Ocean games in various forms and it will be a part of Infinite Undiscovery too. Viewing private events changes the […]

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DLC as a pre-order bonus for Infinite Undiscovery

By Spencer . July 16, 2008 . 8:18am

I stepped into Infinite Undiscovery at the wrong time. Another player just put down the controller and I grabbed it in the middle of an event with Capell, the protagonist, stuck in a castle. Capell defends himself against waves of armored soldiers with sword slashes and flips. He also plays songs with his flute. None […]

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Infinite Undiscovery downloadable content uncovered

By Spencer . June 30, 2008 . 3:01pm

Late last Friday, Square Enix revealed the box art for Infinite Undiscovery and in the top right hand corner there is a Live mark. The logo is not an Xbox Live stamp, which means Infinite Undiscovery will not have online play. Square Enix never said it would so there shouldn’t be any disappointment. However, the […]

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Discover Infinite Undiscovery in September

By Spencer . May 21, 2008 . 12:16pm

Official confirmation of Dragon Quest IV-VI isn't the only news from Square Enix today. Infinite Undiscovery, the Tri-Ace developed RPG for the Xbox 360, will be getting a simultaneous release on September 2. I'm guessing Square Enix is referring to Japan in regards to the release date even though it hasn't been announced there yet. […]

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Watch – Infinite Undiscovery TGS trailer

By Spencer . October 16, 2007 . 8:49am

In case you didn’t catch this while it was circling the internet, Square-Enix officially released the Infinite Undiscovery trailer shown at TGS. The video doesn’t reveal too much about Tri-Ace’s project. You can see some story tidbits and a little gameplay footage at the tail end.   The trailer has official English subtitles too; something […]

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Inside Infinite Undiscovery’s battle system

By Spencer . September 13, 2007 . 6:53am

Since this is a Tri-Ace game it should come as no surprise that Infinite Undiscovery has a real time combat system. However, you don’t shift into battle mode like in Star Ocean 3. All the action, exploration and combat takes place on the field.   Infinite Undiscovery also has situational battles where you fight in […]

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Square-Enix takes a stake in Infinite Undiscovery

By Spencer . September 12, 2007 . 8:10am

Last year Microsoft unveiled they were working with Tri-Ace (think Star Ocean) on Infinite Undiscovery. This year Square-Enix is teaming up with Microsoft to publish the game. Just having the Square-Enix logo on the package should boost Infinite Undiscovery’s sales and media attention than if it was only from Microsoft. Speaking of media attention Square-Enix […]

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Art from tri Ace’s Xbox 360 project: Infinite Undiscovery

By Spencer . March 21, 2007 . 10:36am

Tri Ace, the developers of Star Ocean and more recently Radiata Stories, is teaming up with Microsoft to bring another RPG to the Xbox 360. Details on Infinite Undiscovery are scarce except that it’s in a fantasy world and the graphics are supposed to be done in real time. The concept art looks really good […]

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