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MiKandi Japan Talk About Feeding The West’s Hunger For More Visual Novels

By Chris . December 4, 2015 . 6:00pm

Siliconera speaks to MiKandi Japan about the business of localizing Japanese visual novels and how it’s working on its first attempt with XERO’s Libra of the Vampire Princess.

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How Fatal Frame’s Creator Scares Players And His Real Life Ghost Stories

By Spencer . November 3, 2015 . 6:00pm

“The most important thing across the entire [Fatal Frame] series is that atmosphere where it’s like something’s watching you and something might come out at any time. “

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Koki Yoshimune On Making Muv-Luv Characters Lovable

By Jenni . October 30, 2015 . 1:30pm

Siliconera got in touch with Koki Yoshimune, creator of the Muv-Luv series, to talk about what went into creating the trilogy as its Kickstarter draws to a close.

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Cerebrawl Is A “Love Letter To Marvel vs. Capcom 2”

By Chris . October 24, 2015 . 5:30pm

Siliconera caught up with the creators of upcoming fighting game Cerebrawl to talk about its inspirations, design, and development.

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How Indivisible’s Unique Battle System Emphasizes Player Skill

By Chris . October 15, 2015 . 6:30pm

Mike Z of Lab Zero Games explains the thinking behind Indivisible’s unique battle system and how it emphasizes player skill.

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Japanese Artist Baiyon Plans To Better Understand Love By Making A Videogame

By Chris . September 6, 2015 . 5:30pm

Kyoto-based multimedia artist Baiyon has done live painting, released his own albums, but now he’s venturing into making his first solo videogame. Siliconera finds out why and how.

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How Idea Factory Creates Otome Games

By Spencer . September 4, 2015 . 6:00pm

Siliconera had a chance to speak with Norihisa Kochiwa who oversees all of development at Idea Factory. We asked what otome settings are popular, how they make characters, and how desinging an otome game is different from a male oriented dating sim.

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For The King Is A Low-Poly Throwback To Classic Turnbased RPGs

By Chris . September 2, 2015 . 4:30pm

Siliconera speaks to the creators of low-poly RPG For The King about their love of classic RPGs and coming up with unique ideas in the genre.

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Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop’s Singaporean Team Talks About Launching Their First PC Game

By Chris . September 1, 2015 . 5:30pm

Siliconera finds out about the launch day bugs and YouTube criticism as well as all the wonderful feedback that Daylight Studios experienced when launching its first PC game.

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Bringing Back The Isometric Mech Shooter With META4

By Chris . August 31, 2015 . 5:30pm

Siliconera has a chat with the creator of META4 – an online multiplayer mech shooter with lots of customization – after a recent development hiatus.

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Kenshi’s Eight Year Development Journey From One-Man RPG To A Team’s Success

By Chris . August 30, 2015 . 5:30pm

Siliconera talks to the lead designer on open-ended RPG Kenshi about the game’s eight year development journey.

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Dungeon Souls Creator On What Makes For A Good Action-Based Roguelike

By Chris . August 28, 2015 . 5:30pm

Siliconera spoke to Mike Studios about living in the shadow of the Souls games and making a good action-based roguelike.

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Origins Of Battle Fantasia And The Art Of Making A 2.5D Fighting Game

By Spencer . August 26, 2015 . 5:00pm

While Arc System Works are experts at making stylish 2.5D fighting games, it was Battle Fantasia that made the developer shift from 2D artwork. Siliconera caught up with Emiko Iwasaki, the director of Battle Fantasia, on how the JRPG inspired fighting game was created.

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Knuckle Sandwich May Look Like Earthbound, But It’s Much More Than That

By Chris . August 25, 2015 . 5:00pm

Siliconera discovers the personality that is being poured into surreal-RPG Knuckle Sandwich by talking to its creator.

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Beyond Eyes: From Graduate Project To One A Beautiful Game

By Chris . August 23, 2015 . 1:30pm

Sherida Halatoe talks to Siliconera about the four year journey she’s experienced with her game Beyond Eyes, from graduate project to presenting it on stage at E3.