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Playstation Network Gives Developers “Much Weaker Negotiating Position”

By Ishaan . January 24, 2010 . 12:13pm

Introversion managing director expresses dissatisfaction with approval process for games on service.

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Nuclear Launch Detected On The DS

By Spencer . April 20, 2009 . 11:10am

Indie developer Introversion is leaping on to consoles with Darwina+ on Xbox Live Arcade and, if some intrepid publisher picks it up, Defcon on the Nintendo DS in Q3 2009. The game has a detached look at at global armageddon where you, instead of playing a gun blazing hero, sit at a desk and launch […]

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Darwinia + Multiwinia = XLA rumor confirmation

By Spencer . March 25, 2008 . 7:55pm

Instead of leaving Darwinia for the Xbox 360 as an unconfirmed rumor, Introversion sent out an e-mail blast confirming Darwinia will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade in “early autumn.” The title is actually called Darwinia+ because they will be including Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest as part of the package. Score! I thought that […]

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Darwinia evolves Xbox Live Arcade edition

By Spencer . March 24, 2008 . 5:13pm

It’s been long rumored, but according to the ESRB rating we will see Darwinia on the Xbox 360, probably as an Xbox Live Arcade game. Introversion already released Darwinia for PCs and configured it to work with an Xbox 360 controller. So, what took so long?   I suspect Microsoft was waiting to release Darwinia […]

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Introversion’s next project: Multiwinia

By Spencer . February 27, 2007 . 5:28am

If you’re familiar with Introversion’s works you probably have a good guess of what Multiwinia is. Multiwinia is a multiplayer of Darwinia, which was just re-relased on Vista. Darwinia is a hard game to describe because there is nothing else like it. In the game players guide the evolving fractal life forms to safety and […]

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Details on Darwinia for Vista

By Spencer . February 1, 2007 . 6:36am

  Introversion updated Darwinia with some new features for the Windows Vista release. Darwinia for Vista uses Direct 3D instead of Open GL, which allows enhanced visual effects like the reflective water in the screenshot above and better explosions. The Vista version also supports the Xbox 360 controller and has three new levels: Jailbreak, Stronghold […]

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The casual games of Windows Vista

By Spencer . January 28, 2007 . 2:40pm

Windows Vista is coming out real soon and Microsoft isn’t forgetting about gamers. In their new MSN games channel they have a hodgepodge selection for causal gamers to start out with. Some of the games you’ve seen before over Xbox Live like Crystal Quest and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Four of the games are actually […]

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Underappreciated games of 2006

By Spencer . December 31, 2006 . 5:30pm

This year there were plenty of awesome (triple A titles if you must) on the marketplace. Gears of War, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Final Fantasy XII and New Super Mario Bros. immediately come to mind. However, each year there are some great games that fail to grab the […]

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Nuclear War game changed into support for Santa

By Spencer . December 14, 2006 . 11:06am

  DEFCON is one of those disturbingly dark games. Its tagline “everyone dies” is fairly accurate because that’s exactly what happens when you’re controlling a nuclear war from a remote PC. In the spirit of the holidays, one gamer turned the macabre to merry Christmas where you help Santa deliver presents instead of guiding nuclear […]

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Download Darwinia

By Spencer . October 27, 2005 . 10:26am

It’s not everyday that an independant studio develops a game that is so critically acclaimed as Darwinia. In the game you attempt to protect a virtual population from an impending computer virus. Think of a sim game mixed with arcade action.   Instead of reading about it download the demo and see what all the […]

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