Post 467304

Rise of Mana Brings In Characters From Legend of Mana

By Sato . March 3, 2015 . 2:48am

Rise of Mana is currently holding a collaboration campaign that features characters from 1999′s Legend of Mana.

Post 467190

Mortal Kombat X Is Getting A Mobile Version With Card Battles

By Ishaan . March 2, 2015 . 8:27am

The game will include a hybrid of fighting, card collecting, and multiplayer team combat.

Post 465542

Alto’s Adventure Has The Beauty Of Journey, The Backflips Of Extreme Sports

By Chris . March 1, 2015 . 3:26pm

Endless snowboarding game Alto’s Adventure is now available to purchase on iOS.

Post 465661

Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s “Mysterious Puzzle Game” 18 Will Be Released Worldwide

By Chris . February 27, 2015 . 5:28pm

Mizuguchi’s “mysterious puzzle game” 18 will be available worldwide on iOS and Android by the end of March.

Post 466703

Mevius Final Fantasy Has Classic Final Fantasy Jobs With A Touchscreen Combat System

By Sato . February 27, 2015 . 2:10am

Mevius Final Fantasy starts out with an amnesiac young man, who begins his adventure after being led by a mysterious voice. During his adventure, he’ll meet a Moogle who supports him throughout the journey.

Post 466206

Arc System Works Releases BlazBlue Rhythm Game Spin-Off

By Ishaan . February 25, 2015 . 9:56am

Arc System Works have released a rhythm game spin-off of BlazBlue, called Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san.

Post 465795

Marvel Mighty Heroes Is A 4-Player Brawler For Smartphones And Tablets

By Ishaan . February 25, 2015 . 1:15am

Smartphone game maker DeNA and Marvel have teamed up to create a co-op brawler for smart devices.

Post 465533

Overland Brings Turn-Based Tactics To A Ravaged America

By Chris . February 24, 2015 . 4:31pm

Finji is working on turn-based tactical game Overland for PC, mobile, and more platforms to be announced. Out this summer.

Post 465856

A First Look At A Mevius Final Fantasy Screenshot

By Sato . February 24, 2015 . 2:19am

The first screenshot of Square Enix’s next Final Fantasy game for smartphones.

Post 462755

Helix: A Game Built Expressly For A Touch Screen

By James . February 22, 2015 . 9:28am

Helix is a real win as far as experimental games are concerned.

Post 465215

Cave’s Next Mobile Shooter Mahouotome Hits Japan on April 16th

By Chris . February 20, 2015 . 2:31pm

Cave has released a new trailer for its upcoming mobile shooter Mahouotome.

Post 465204

Cloud And Yuna To Appear In Puzzle & Dragons

By Sato . February 20, 2015 . 4:28am

GungHo just announced the latest collaboration for their popular mobile title, Puzzle & Dragons, and this time, it’ll be with Square Enix and the Final Fantasy series.

Post 465193

tri-Ace Bought Out By Mobile Company Nepro Japan

By Sato . February 20, 2015 . 3:14am

Nepro Japan are a company that focuses on mobile phones, mainly on its sales business, along with mobile game development, staffing and contracting for mobile shops.

Post 464886

Square Enix Pulls The World Ends With You: Solo Remix [Update 2]

By Chris . February 19, 2015 . 9:57am

After iOS 8 was released, The World Ends With You: Solo Remix was broken, and rather than fixing it Square Enix has pulled the game from the App Store.

Post 464148

Wind Waker Lookalike Oceanhorn Is Being Remastered For PC

By Chris . February 18, 2015 . 4:00pm

If you wanted a Wind Waker-like on PC then your dream is coming true. Oceanhorn, originally an iOS game, is on its way.