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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: To Release For Smartphone This Winter

By Sato . October 12, 2016 . 12:30am

Capcom announced that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is getting a smartphone release for Android and iPhone this winter for the west.

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Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Headed Westward On Smartphone

By Sato . October 4, 2016 . 2:00am

Bandai Namco announced that their action RPG, Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag, which released in Japan back in August for smartphone, is headed Westward.

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Super Robot Wars Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary With A Live Stream On October 5

By Sato . September 29, 2016 . 12:00am

Bandai Namco announced they’re celebrating the Super Robot Wars’ 25th anniversary with a special live stream that takes place on October 5, where we might hear the latest on Super Robot Taisen V.

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Sakura Wars Creator Working On A New Title, Expected To Be Announced In Spring 2017

By Sato . September 27, 2016 . 7:30am

It’s been revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that Oji Hiroi, known for creating Sakura Wars and Far East of Eden series, is currently working on a completely new and original title.

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Final Fantasy XV’s New Smartphone Game Is King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon

By Sato . September 18, 2016 . 6:30am

During an Active Time Report event at Tokyo Game Show 2016, Square Enix announced King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon, another smartphone game from the universe of Final Fantasy XV.

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God Eater Online Gets Its First Trailer At Tokyo Game Show 2016

By Sato . September 17, 2016 . 5:15am

Bandai Namco announced God Eater Online recently, an upcoming MMO action title for smartphone. Here’s its first trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2016.

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Toukiden: Mononofu Trailer Shows That Demon Hunting Can Also Look Nice On Smartphones

By Sato . September 16, 2016 . 3:50am

We’ve been seeing more series get smartphone games as of late, which also includes Toukiden: Mononofu. Here’s a look at its newest trailer, showing off how the game plays on smartphone.

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Game Announced As A Browser Game For PC

By Sato . September 16, 2016 . 1:30am

DMM Games has been quite busy lately, and their newest announcement is for a browser game made with TriFort and the anime staff of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

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Batman – The Telltale Series, Episode 2 Introduces Children of Arkham

By Asma . September 15, 2016 . 1:30pm

In the second episode of the season, Bruce Wayne continues to investigate his father’s involvement with Gotham’s crime rings as the masked Children of Arkham go to extreme measures to achieve their agenda.

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RPG Creator iOS App Is Getting An English Version

By Asma . September 14, 2016 . 5:00pm

RPG Creator gets a western release on September 25. The English version will work on both iPhones and iPads, plus it will also give creators the option to share their games with the community.

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Mother 3 And Legend of Mana Makers Announce Egglia: Legend of the Red Hat For Smartphone

By Sato . September 14, 2016 . 10:45am

Mother 3 and Heroes of Mana makers are working on a new smartphone RPG where you’ll “unlock” parts of the world, similar to Dragon Quest VII, except with more focus on exploring, expanding, and building.

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A New God Eater Console Game Is In The Works, More On God Eater Online

By Sato . September 14, 2016 . 4:00am

Key developers of God Eater Online recently shared more on the upcoming smartphone game, along with a little teaser for a new console game for the series that might get announced at TGS 2016.

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God Eater Takes The Aragami Hunt To Smartphones With God Eater Online

By Sato . September 13, 2016 . 2:40am

Bandai Namco announced God Eater Online, an upcoming MMO action title for smartphone in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.

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Square Enix’s New Smartphone Game Akashic Re:cords Gets A Teaser Trailer

By Sato . September 12, 2016 . 1:00am

Square Enix recently revealed Akashic Re:cords, an upcoming smartphone title in collaboration with Kadokawa Games. Here’s another look with a new teaser trailer.

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Meet The Monsters Of Summoners War

By Asma . September 10, 2016 . 5:10pm

Com2Us shows what makes its monsters, like the Wind Penguin and Brownie Magician, stand out among other fantasy mobile RPGs in its latest video series.