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Square Enix’s Million Arthur Will Be Released In North America And Europe

By Spencer . March 11, 2015 . 11:39pm

Square Enix established a global partnership with Gamevil to handle Million Arthur in North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Mushroom 11 Interview: Finding Progress Through Erasure In A Post-Human World

By Chris . March 11, 2015 . 1:00pm

Siliconera finds out more about the origins of Mushroom 11, in which you squeeze an amorphous blob across a post-apocalyptic environment.

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Square Enix Reveals Holy Dungeon, A Treasure-Digging RPG With Story From Takashi Tokita

By Sato . March 11, 2015 . 1:50am

Square Enix have several Final Fantasy mobile titles available, and also in the works, but they also have some original titles, such as the recently announced Holy Dungeon.

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Super Dodge Ball Spikes iOS And Android With Hot Blooded Dodge Ball AllStars!!

By Spencer . March 11, 2015 . 12:03am

While you may not remember Kunio in it, the bancho sports game came to the West with an American makeover as Super Dodge Ball. Marvelous Online worked with the original creators of the NES game at Million to create Kunio-kun Hot Blooded Dodgeball AllStars!!

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WayForward’s Haunted Adventure Til Morning’s Light Also Coming To iOS

By Chris . March 10, 2015 . 1:29pm

Previously announced as a Fire phone exclusive, Til Morning’s Light will also be available on Fire tablets and iOS.

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Summon Girls From Your Smartphone In Song of Memories For PS Vita

By Sato . March 10, 2015 . 8:58am

A “new brand” that goes by the name “Pure Wish” has announced a new visual novel-style RPG called Song of Memories.

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Street Fighter Battle Combination Brings World Warriors From Different Games Together

By Spencer . March 10, 2015 . 12:17am

The Street Fighter series has different versions of Ryu and Ken with each new game. Street Fighter Battle Combination brings these character variations together for a 3 vs. 3 mobile fighter.

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Don’t Worry, tri-Ace Will Keep Making Games For Consoles

By Sato . March 9, 2015 . 2:02pm

Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile developers tri-Ace recently got bought out by mobile company called Nepro Japan, but it sounds like they’ll still get to work on console development.

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Puzzle & Dragons’ Dragon Ball Crossover Adds Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks

By Sato . March 8, 2015 . 10:33pm

Puzzle & Dragons has been fusing with Dragon Ball Kai recently with a collaboration that has brought waves of characters to the smartphone title. In the collaboration’s fourth volume, it adds Vegeta, Gotenks, and other characters.

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Gun-Shoes Platformer Downwell Is Also Heading To PC

By Chris . March 8, 2015 . 3:31pm

A new website reveals that it will be heading to iOS, Android, and now PC as well later this year.

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Here’s A Glimpse Of Footage From BlazBlue: Battle Cards

By Ishaan . March 6, 2015 . 1:56pm

Battle Cards will come with nine BlazBlue characters at launch.

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Mevius Final Fantasy’s First Trailer Shows Gameplay And Some Jobs In Action

By Sato . March 6, 2015 . 10:58am

Square Enix previously teased some footage of their next smartphone game, Mevius Final Fantasy, and we now have a better look with extended footage

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Popular Manga Series Log Horizon Is Becoming A Mobile RPG

By Chris . March 6, 2015 . 8:59am

Japanese game publisher GREE is turning popular novel, manga, and anime series Log Horizon into a mobile RPG to be released on iOS and Android in winter 2015

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Terra Battle Gift Codes Given Out To Celebrate Sakaguchi-san’s GDC Lifetime Achievement Award

By Chris . March 5, 2015 . 4:00pm

Redeem the special gift code before March 12th to receive in-game items for free.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Coming “Soon” To The West

By Ishaan . March 5, 2015 . 11:29am

DeNA and Square Enix have erected a website for the game where you can pre-register.