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Microsoft Has Four Game, 250GB Xbox 360 + Kinect Bundle For $316 In Japan

By Spencer . February 24, 2013 . 10:45pm

A bundle slated for release on March 7 includes a Xbox 360 console with a 250GB hard drive, Kinect sensor, plus codes to download Dance Central 2, Forza Motorsport 4 Essentials Edition, Kinect Adventures, and Child of Eden from Games on Demand.

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Leaked Concept Art Reveals Kinect Adventures Was Originally The Avateers!

By Ishaan . August 12, 2011 . 10:34am

The Great Indoors, Field Trip and Natal Park were some of the other names being tossed around.

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Burger King’s Kinect Promotion In Japan Isn’t As Appetizing

By Spencer . December 6, 2010 . 2:29am

Get a NY Pizza Burger combo and you could win a Kinect Xbox 360 bundle from Burger King Japan.

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Kinect Priced At $149.99, Bundled With Kinect Adventures

By Spencer . July 20, 2010 . 9:50am

Microsoft finally announced the price for Kinect and unsurprisingly it’s $149.99.

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Kinect Adventures! Will Make You Jump Jump

By Spencer . June 23, 2010 . 2:49pm

Wii Fit watch out, Kinect Adventures! could double as a family fun fitness game.

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Kinect Games Can Automatically Photograph You

By Spencer . June 16, 2010 . 10:41pm

The camera on Microsoft’s Kinect does more than track movement.

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Kinect Games Add A Dash Of Purple To Packaging

By Spencer . June 14, 2010 . 11:49pm

Microsoft Kinect games have special boxes. Instead of the usual green or Platinum Hits silver case, Kinect games come in purple packaging.

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Natal’s Final Name Is “Kinect”, New Games Revealed

By Ishaan . June 13, 2010 . 5:40pm

These are some of the new games that support Microsoft’s motion and voice-sensing camera.

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