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Korg DS-10 Plus In Action

By Spencer . July 20, 2009 . 2:12pm

AQ Interactive is starting a new series of videos to show off KORG DS-10 Plus. This clip demonstrates Dual DS-10 mode, a DSi exclusive feature that gives musicians access to more drum machines and tracks.

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Korg DS-10 Plus Raises The Bar For DSi Enhanced Games

By Spencer . June 26, 2009 . 12:00pm

My Healthy Cooking Coach, the first DSi enhanced game, recently came out. What “enhancements” do DSi owners get? A paltry few recipes. Korg DS-10 Plus goes a hundred steps further with dual DS-10 mode.

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Why Isn’t KORG DS-10 In More Retail Stores? XSEED Explains.

By Spencer . November 10, 2008 . 4:40pm

KORG DS-10 appeared to get off with a good start. When it was announced for release in North America people were excited to hear more about it. You can’t buy that kind of buzz. Nintendo of Europe was impressed by KORG DS-10 too and stepped in to publish the music creation software overseas.   Raving […]

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KORG DS-10 in English in October

By Spencer . September 4, 2008 . 2:31pm

Xseed has yet to set an exact release date for KORG DS-10 in North America. It’s still scheduled to come out this fall, but if you can’t wait to start making music with the touch screen you can import KORG DS-10 from Europe. AQ Interactive announced the European version will be ready on October 10 […]

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The KORG DS-10 home music studio

By Spencer . June 11, 2008 . 5:59pm

Forget Daigasso! Band Brothers DX if you want to seriously compose music on a handheld console. This video shows an electronic musician creating a song by connecting four Nintendo DSes, running the KORG DS-10 software, attached to a mixer. Sanodg, the artist in the video, adjusts the separate streams of music to make the song […]

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