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Pilot dragons with analog sticks in Lair now

By Spencer . April 15, 2008 . 11:31am

The remodeled PlayStation Store just went online around the world and Sony Computer Entertainment America snuck in some content for the launch. One of the items is the Lair Dragons and Control pack, a free patch that permits analog control as an option instead of Sixaxis swinging.   A wind dragon and poison dragon join […]

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Lair rises with analog control on April 17

By Spencer . April 10, 2008 . 8:12am

Two days after the grand re-opening of the PlayStation Store, Sony is releasing a patch for Lair. The free upgrade gives players the option to pick analog control instead of tilt control. It's probably too late for Analog control and Dual Shock 3 rumble to drag Lair’s name out of the mud. Low review scores […]

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Lair delayed until September

By Spencer . August 1, 2007 . 7:41pm

Amidst over rumors about a delay, Sony made an official announcement that Lair will not be in stores on August 14. The new release date for Lair is September 4 and Sony plans to spend the extra time tweaking the online component of Lair.   Natural challenges that arose while finalizing the offline game to […]

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Hands on Lair

By Spencer . May 17, 2007 . 3:07am

  The controls for Lair seem pretty simple on paper. You fly around on the back of a dragon by tilting the Sixaxis controller and press circle to spew fire. The demo at Sony’s Gamers Day had players fly the dragon towards a group of ships with catapults attack the city. It’s easy to guide […]

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Hands on with Lair

By Kurt . November 2, 2006 . 9:17am

The current Playstation 3 line-up from launch into next year has a wide variety of titles, but most of them are in pretty stock genres – racing sims, first person shooters, 3D action games, and so on. Lair is something like a dragon flight sim. It’s easily comparable to Warhawk (which seems to have drifted […]

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Watch the Lair trailer

By Spencer . October 13, 2006 . 10:28am

While it might not be a selling point for the Playstation 3 now, Lair has a gorgeous trailer. The game is developed by Factor 5 who has made the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games in the past and it isn’t a surprise why they are the developer. Lair is a flying game, except that you’re […]

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Pretty looking hi-res Playstation 3 movies

By Spencer . September 25, 2006 . 5:10am

Straight from the Tokyo Game Show are a bunch of new videos of upcoming Playstation 3 games. Most are fluff trailers that don’t show anything except nice looking graphics (example: Gran Turismo HD). If you want to see a game in action see the White Knight Story trailer. The footage is from Level 5’s work […]

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Bevy of Playstation 3 screenshots

By Spencer . September 22, 2006 . 2:56am

At Tokyo Game Show Sony announced that the price of the lower end Playstation 3 dropped to 49,980 yen ($430) after tax. The same model is priced at $499 for North America, but since Japan got a price break it is possible Sony is going to cut the price in other territories. Also the cheaper […]

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