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Line Attack Heroes Loaded With 40 Stages

By Spencer . July 26, 2010 . 6:46am

Line Attack Heroes was originally announced as a boxed Wii game. After being absent from E3, Line Attack Heroes re-emerged as a WiiWare game scheduled for July 27 in Japan.

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Line Attack Heroes Lives

By Ishaan . July 23, 2010 . 2:35pm

Line Attack Heroes springs into action next week on WiiWare…in Japan.

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Which Of These First Party Wii Games Will Be Delayed?

By Spencer . July 31, 2009 . 6:46am

Nintendo either has a slew of first party releases coming to the Wii later this year or they’re going to delay a bunch of games. Since Nintendo typically releases one first party games on the Wii in a month I’m leaning towards a massive rescheduling.

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Line Attack Heroes: The Line vs. The Kabuki Boss

By Spencer . June 8, 2009 . 7:53am

When I played Line Attack Heroes I jumped straight into a boss fight. The fifteen minion line wormed around the Kabuki inspired boss’ geta. Whacking the boss with a giant hammer didn’t phase it. What should a line do?

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Nintendo Light On First Party Wii Releases For The Rest Of 2009

By Spencer . June 2, 2009 . 9:50pm

This morning Nintendo unveiled and stealth announced a slew of first party Wii games, but only Wii Sports Resort, New Super Mario Brothers Wii, and Wii Fit Plus are scheduled to come out this year. That’s a grand total of three games.

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A Sign That Some Of Nintendo’s New Series Could Travel Overseas

By Spencer . March 25, 2009 . 3:59am

Last October Nintendo of Japan held a press conference where a slew of first party Wii games not from their core franchises were unveiled. Few of these games were shown in the US press conference which led to concern that Nintendo’s international branches might pass on them.   Now, it looks like Nintendo is planning […]

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