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Lost Odyssey in stores, press conference online

By Spencer . December 6, 2007 . 10:28am

Did you think the >1GB file on the Xbox Live Marketplace was a late Lost Odyssey demo? Nah. The large file is a 30 minute video from the Orchestral Pieces concert at Bunkamura last month where Sakaguchi-san introduces the game. In the middle of the video there is a tiny bit of gameplay footage, but […]

Post 8263

Accessorize the heroes of Lost Odyssey

By Spencer . November 12, 2007 . 10:55am

Have you ever played an RPG and wondered why your characters don’t actually put on the Silver Goggles you just bought? In Lost Odyssey, Kaim doesn’t usually wear glasses, but if you equip him with a pair he puts them on. Accessories do more than boost stats and some personal style, they let you learn […]

Post 8022

Found! Lost Odyssey Xbox 360 bundle

By Spencer . November 1, 2007 . 4:37am

Microsoft isn’t offering a goody filled Lost Odyssey package like they did for Blue Dragon. The Lost Odyssey bundle is essentially a repackaged version of Japan’s Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle with the game and Kaim’s face on the box.   If you’re buying an Xbox 360 just for Lost Odyssey the 39,980 yen ($345) price […]

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Microsoft buys up billboard space in Japan

By Spencer . October 30, 2007 . 2:08pm

Since Halo 3 is out the door, Microsoft is beginning to push Lost Odyssey and Ninja Gaiden II in Japan. Outside above Softmap in Akihabara is an eye catching billboard ad with both games. Will an advertisement like this do anything? Maybe. It’s in the place where gamers shop in Tokyo, but it’s not nearly […]

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Watch: Lost Odyssey Intro

By Rolando . October 14, 2007 . 8:42pm

Mistwalker's next RPG monolith, Lost Odyssey, may now be considered the Xbox 360's swan song in Japan to increase the Japanese install base; and while the game has been under tons of criticism from a huge amount of gamers, there's no denying how epic and emotional this RPG will be. Even if it will span […]

Post 7176

Guarding mages with Lost Odyssey’s Wall

By Spencer . September 24, 2007 . 9:03pm

While we’re discussing different combat systems today let’s take a look at what Mistwalker is going to do differently in Lost Odyssey. Previously we mentioned the precision aiming system where you pull the right trigger as a circle zooms into an enemy. The precision aiming system is the offensive side of Lost Odyssey. The wall […]

Post 7072

Lost Odyssey will span 4 DVDs

By Rolando . September 19, 2007 . 11:27pm

    It's interesting to see how Blue Dragon was the first Xbox 360 game to be more than one DVD; and now, Mistwalker's next RPG goliath, Lost Odyssey, is the next Xbox 360 game to receive the multiple DVD treatment. Hironobu Sakaguchi revealed at TGS how epic Lost Odyssey will be by mentioning the […]

Post 6891

Lost Odyssey delayed until 2008… for North America

By Spencer . September 12, 2007 . 5:44am

  Despite being marked as a 2007 title at E3, Microsoft is pushing Lost Odyssey's North American release back until February 2008. Also it looks like plans for a worldwide release are getting axed too because Japan is getting it on December 6, 2007. The rest of Asia will see Lost Odyssey in January 2008.

Post 6465

Screen Gallery – Lost Odyssey

By Spencer . August 27, 2007 . 1:05pm

Mistwalker’s first project is about to descend in North America this week with the original Japanese audio. Since Blue Dragon is done it’s time to switch gears and focus on Lost Odyssey, Mistwalker’s second RPG. Take a look at some new screenshots, which feel like they are right out of a Final Fantasy game.   […]

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Creating the concept of the Osiris and airships in Final Fantasy IX

By Spencer . July 26, 2007 . 10:48am

You might not recognize his name, but Christian Lorenz Scheurer has had a hand in creating the world of the Matrix, Final Fantasy IX and Mistwalker’s upcoming Lost Odyssey. Square-Haven had a chance to pick his brain and ask him why he chose to change the design of the airships in Final Fantasy IX.   […]

Post 5655

Looking at combat in Lost Odyssey

By Spencer . July 23, 2007 . 4:33pm

During a closed door meeting Microsoft showed off Lost Odyssey. While it isn’t a Final Fantasy title it feels like it is a lost relative of Sakaguchi’s other series on the great RPG family tree. The demo started out with Kaim, one of the immortal characters, riding a train in a futuristic, but run down […]

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Watch: Lost Odyssey trailer

By Spencer . July 11, 2007 . 2:20am

Two Mistwalker RPGs on the Xbox 360 in one year. During the briefing Shane Kim announced Lost Odyssey will be coming out sometime in 2007. The new trailer shows Lost Odyssey is progressing nicely. The voices are in English and you can get a glimpse of combat. Lost Odyssey is a chance for Microsoft to […]

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Screen Gallery – Monsters in Lost Odyssey

By Spencer . July 10, 2007 . 5:44am

Famitsu snagged a handful of pre-E3 screenshots of Mistwalker’s next RPG project. The style is notably different from the anime look in Blue Dragon. Lost Odyssey looks more like Final Fantasy with rainbow colored beasts. Also according to their article Lost Odyssey is still on track for 2007 and maybe by the end of Microsoft’s […]

Post 4304

Ray Nakazato, president of FeelPlus, on Lost Odyssey

By Spencer . May 7, 2007 . 2:45pm

  Brandon Sheffield, who runs InsertCredit, did a fantastic seven page interview with Ray Nakazato the president of FeelPlus in Gamasutra. Along with Mistwalker, Feel Plus is heavily involved with development of Lost Odyssey. In the interview there are some additional details about Lost Odyssey’s combat system where Nakazato-san explains, "Basically, it’s turn-based, but we […]

Post 4284

New Lost Odyssey Details

By Rolando . May 6, 2007 . 10:07pm

IGN had the luxury of receiving a translated Famitsu interview from Microsoft with the father of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi. The interview mentions that the game is at a 70% completion rate; so to those who were doubting the game not seeing its December release can ease their worry a little knowing that Mistwalker is […]

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