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Chaos;Child Love Chu Chu! Announced, Releasing In Japan In Spring 2017

By Sato . September 7, 2016 . 5:45am

The official website for 5pb. and Mages’ Science Adventure title, Chaos;Child, had a rather strange update with a new image showing protagonist Takuru Miyashiro with hearts and the title “Love Chu Chu!”

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Level-5, Marvelous, Bandai Namco, And Nippon Ichi, And More On Future Possibilities

By Sato . October 6, 2015 . 10:55am

Yo-kai Watch on PlayStation, virtual reality Senran Kagura, open world God Eater, Mages collaboration with Kojima, Trails on PS4, or a new Marl Kingdom. Key developers talk about future possibilities.

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This Is A Teaser Image From 5pb./Mages’ Next Project

By Ishaan . December 28, 2014 . 9:24am

Mages’ next project will be detailed tomorrow at Comiket 87.

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Former Cave Producer Makoto Asada Will Reveal Three More Xbox One Games

By Sato . May 27, 2014 . 12:13am

In addition to the announcement of Mystereet F: Curtain Call for the Detectives, an upcoming visual novel game for Xbox One, former Cave producer Makoto Asada had a little more to talk about during their Software for Xbox One Presentation.

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5pb Have Been Working On A Visual Novel Remake Behind The Scenes

By Sato . April 13, 2014 . 5:00pm

“Yes, although I can’t reveal the name of the title, we are currently working on a remake project for a certain visual novel title,” said marketing director Akiyoshi Yamazaki.

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Zero Escape Director Reveals That He’s Working On A New Title

By Sato . April 10, 2014 . 4:10am

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward creator Kotaro Uchikoshi recently spoke about the fate of the series. In this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, Uchikoshi revealed that he’s actually working on a new game.

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5pb Teases A New Project Featuring Former Cave Producer Makoto Asada

By Sato . April 2, 2014 . 1:48am

5pb’s “Division 7” are known for being the Phantom Breaker division, and the tease of the new project reveals that Asada will now have his own studio, which is shown as “Div8” on the logo, followed by the words “Shinasutimikira Project coming soon”.

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Why Did Makoto Asada Leave Cave For Phantom Breaker Developer Mages?

By Kris . September 20, 2013 . 6:00pm

“Cave had announced that they were going to take a break from consoles and stuff that goes directly to the consumer, and that’s really what I enjoy about what I do,” Asada explained to Siliconera.

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Phantom Breaker Makers Bringing A Gravity Shifting Platformer To Xbox 360

By Spencer . September 13, 2013 . 2:02am

Cave producer Makato Asada moved to Phantom Breaker and Bullet Soul developer Mages. He’s working on a new game for Xbox One and bringing Constant C to Xbox 360.

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Cave Producer Makato Asada Working On Xbox One Game At Mages

By Spencer . September 5, 2013 . 10:08pm

Asada is developing a new title for Xbox One which will be revealed in a few days. He is also working on localizing an Xbox Live Arcade game called Constant C (pictured).

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5pb/Mages President Teases “Sci-Fi Psycho Suspense” Game

By Ishaan . June 3, 2013 . 4:00pm

5pb/Mages founder Chiyomaru Shikura has a number of projects in the works.

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Mages Continuing Steins;Gate Science Adventure Game Series Next Year

By Spencer . August 8, 2012 . 2:21am

Chiyomaru Shikura CEO of Mages confirmed with Famitsu that they’re making a new game in the “science adventure series.” Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, and Robotics;Notes are all part of Mage’s science adventure series.

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