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A Majesco Game Was Amongst January’s Best-Sellers

By Ishaan . February 17, 2011 . 4:58pm

(No, it wasn’t Cooking Mama.)

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Majesco To Release Face Kart: Photo Finish…And Pet Zombies in 3D

By Ishaan . January 18, 2011 . 1:03pm

Majesco are publishing a zombie pet-raising game on the Nintendo 3DS.

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Cooking Mama’s Next Spinoff Is Camping Mama

By Spencer . October 27, 2010 . 6:35am

With crafting and babysitting games scheduled to come out this year, what’s Cooking Mama’s next hobby? Camping.

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Caring For A Plush Baby Or Hands On With Babysitting Mama

By Jenni . June 22, 2010 . 3:08pm

Ah, Babysitting Mama. I was so willing to joke about the game before I tried it at E3 and now I find myself hoping to actually buy it when the game comes out! How did such a drastic change occur?

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Babysitting Mama Announced For Fall, Comes With Plush Baby

By Spencer . May 11, 2010 . 1:38pm

Majesco and Cooking Mama Ltd. (yes, there really is a Cooking Mama company) are finally using that Babysitting Mama trademark we scouted up a year ago.

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Data East Arcade Collection Screenshots Magically Drop

By Spencer . January 29, 2010 . 1:47pm

Majesco shared a ton of media for Data East Arcade Collection, which is exactly what it sounds like.

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What To Expect From Third-Parties On Wii In 2010

By Ishaan . January 10, 2010 . 12:55pm

Retailers are resisting stocking mini game compilations. So, what should we expect to see from the majority of third-parties in 2010 on the Wii?

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Data East Arcade Classics Revived For Wii

By Spencer . September 3, 2009 . 6:45pm

Majesco, best known these days for Cooking Mama, acquired the rights to publish a slew of games from Data East’s library and are making a compilation disc for Wii.

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Cooking Mama Taking A Part-Time Babysitting Job?

By Spencer . April 21, 2009 . 9:41am

Who would have guessed Cooking Mama would grow into a hit franchise and span games that had nothing do with cooking? Majesco that’s who and they’re banking heavily on a Mama series.   Gardening Mama, Pet Shop Mama, and today according to a US registered trademark, Babysitting Mama. I think the title is self explanatory. […]

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Vintage Light Gun Game Mad Dog McCree Targeting Wii?

By Spencer . March 31, 2009 . 10:55am

Back in the ’90s, when full motion video was all the rage, American Laser Games made a shooter set in the Wild West called Mad Dog McCree. This game is not a on rails light gun game. Mad Dog McCree is more like live action Duck Hunt. Players shot actors bandits and watched them roll […]

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It Isn’t December, But Away: Shuffle Dungeon Is Here

By Spencer . October 29, 2008 . 11:16am

I’ll leave the obligatory release date shuffling joke out, but something went very awry with the North American launch of Away: Shuffle Dungeon. First Majesco says it’s coming out in October, then it gets pushed to December at the last minute, and today Majesco sends a press release that it “shipped” to stores. Meanwhile the […]

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Away: Shuffle Dungeon Released Into US Stores Early?

By Spencer . October 28, 2008 . 11:15am

At the last minute Majesco shuffled the release date for Away: Shuffle Dungeon from October to December. Hopefully, this extra time will give someone a chance to balance the difficulty so Away: Shuffle Dungeon isn’t a walk in the park.   So, if Away: Shuffle Dungeon got delayed why is it in stock and shipping […]

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Cooking Mama meet Science Papa

By Spencer . July 30, 2008 . 11:05am

Cooking Mama may have a rival made by Activision. The publisher recently trademarked Math Papa and Science Papa for use with things like “video game programs; computer game cartridges”. In plain English these may be titles for upcoming games where a fatherly character runs through science training on some system. This reminds me of a […]

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Mistwalker hands Away: Shuffle Dungeon to Majesco

By Spencer . July 7, 2008 . 11:41am

In a strange revelation we are getting Away: Shuffle Dungeon, but it won’t be published by Xseed even though AQ Interactive is their parent company. The good news is Away: Shuffle Dungeon is up to Xseed localization standards. I guess Xseed is too busy working with other projects in addition to their Marvelous Interactive relationship… […]

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Build and trade Blast Works stages this June

By Spencer . May 26, 2008 . 7:32pm

It seems like forever since we discovered Tumiki Fighters was coming to the Wii. Budcat Creation’s take on the sticky shooter has been upgraded with user created content. Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy lets players craft ships with their own bullet patterns, and unique stages. Custom content can then be shared through Nintendo Wi-Fi trading […]