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MapleStory: The Girl’s Fate Destined For Japan In April

By Spencer . February 5, 2014 . 10:10pm

Nexon developed a MapleStory game for Nintendo 3DS. So far, MapleStory: The Girl’s Fate was only released in South Korea. While it bears the MapleStory name, The Girl’s Fate is a standalone action RPG.

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Sega Is Releasing A MapleStory Game For 3DS In Japan

By Spencer . September 12, 2013 . 1:19am

MapleStory: The Girl’s Fate is based on the online game, but is a standalone adventure. You play as a girl with a spirit inside her and the goal of the game is to get rid of it.

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When Pandas Attack Or MapleStory For 3DS Has Pretty Sprites

By Spencer . May 3, 2013 . 3:23pm

Maple Story: The Girl’s Fate looks like it’s a quality game – if you like action RPGs with sprites. It’s set in the MapleStory universe and Nexon made an original story just for the 3DS game.

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Let’s Check Out That MapleStory Nexon And Nintendo Made For 3DS

By Spencer . April 19, 2013 . 3:15pm

MapleStory: The Girl’s Fate is designed to be easy to play. You can do a chain of attacks by tapping A continuously. You can also learn skills to deal heavy damage, which will be useful when you’re fighting giant bears.

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MapleStory: The Girl’s Fate Is Coming To 3DS, But Only In Korea

By Spencer . March 22, 2013 . 4:00pm

MapleStory: The Girl’s Fate has different worlds like a desert level with pyramids, sky world, and a sunken city. Early screenshots showed a grassy area too.

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First Look At MapleStory For Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . November 6, 2012 . 1:46am

MapleStory 3DS is slated for release in 2013 and so far it’s the only 3DS game exclusive to South Korea.

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MapleStory And Other Nexon Games Coming To 3DS

By Spencer . March 9, 2012 . 12:59am

Nintendo is bringing the Nintendo 3DS to South Korea which means Streetpass collectors will have another country map to conquer. Oh, and Nexon, developer of MapleStory and Kart Rider, is developing 3DS software.

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