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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Toys Coming To Sonic Drive-In Kids’ Meals

By Jenni . April 18, 2016 . 10:30am

Five kids’ meal toys inspired by Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam are coming to Sonic Drive-In restaurants on April 19, 2016.

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Gets A North American Launch Trailer

By Casey . January 6, 2016 . 9:30am

Nintendo has released a new launch trailer for the game, giving us a brief look at a few of the title’s puzzle elements as well as battles.

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Website Offers A Closer Look At Villainous Quips

By Jenni . December 31, 2015 . 11:00am

The new Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam website shows off screenshots and another gameplay trailer.

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Watch A Full Hour Of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Gameplay

By Casey . December 22, 2015 . 8:00am

Those still waiting to get their hands on the game in North America can check out this hour-long gameplay video featuring a bit of the story, exploration, and battles.

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This Week In Sales: Mario & Luigi Take The Leap, Monster Hunter X Stays Strong

By Sato . December 9, 2015 . 10:30am

Key new releases include Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Edition. Monster Hunter X continues to sell well as the holiday season of December begins.

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Latest Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Trailer Gives “Just the Fax”

By Casey . December 8, 2015 . 8:30am

The new trailer gives us a quick glimpse at the game’s plot, as well as the various ways Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario can team up to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles.

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Super Mario Maker’s Next Event Course Costume Promotes Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

By Jenni . December 1, 2015 . 10:30am

Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario are teaming up for a Super Mario Maker costume.

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam’s Latest Footage Shows Off Story And Battles

By Casey . November 30, 2015 . 9:30am

Roughly an hour of footage from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title has surfaced, giving us a good look at the game’s story and overall gameplay.

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New Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Videos Show Off Story And Amiibo Functionality

By Casey . November 18, 2015 . 8:30am

The two latest videos give us a look at the upcoming game’s story, as well as how amiibos will function with it.

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Introduces Battle Cards

By Jenni . November 12, 2015 . 2:54pm

Battle Cards can do things like give more experience or lower enemy levels in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. You can also make more of them with amiibo.

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Gets Its First Trailer For E3 2015

By Sato . June 16, 2015 . 11:05am

As shown in the trailer, the game combines both 2D and 3D elements.

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Announced For Nintendo 3DS

By Sato . June 16, 2015 . 9:43am

Mario & Luigi is getting its latest installment, as Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

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