Post 115991

Animal Resort: Let’s Watch Monkeys Knock Out A Cameraman

By Ishaan . February 18, 2011 . 4:30pm

Plus: an idea of what kinds of animals to expect to see in the game.

Post 114861

Rune Factory Oceans Has Around 30 Islands

By Ishaan . February 11, 2011 . 5:01pm

Riding around on the giant, Ymir’s back, you’ll be able to find around 30 islands in Rune Factory Oceans.

Post 114766

Night of the Sacrifice Box Art Looks Like A Japanese Horror Movie

By Ishaan . February 11, 2011 . 9:00am

Marvelous’ upcoming Wii horror game has an interesting cover.

Post 114313

Marvelous’ Game Division Books Profits, But Cancels Epic RPG Title

By Spencer . February 9, 2011 . 1:23am

The financial report also makes mention of an “epic RPG” for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 which Marvelous canceled.

Post 114079

A Glimpse Of Your House In Rune Factory Oceans

By Ishaan . February 7, 2011 . 4:32pm

We’ve seen a lot of Rune Factory Oceans characters and outdoor areas, but something we haven’t seen much of is what your house looks like.

Post 111403

Here’s What Else Is New In Rune Factory Oceans

By Ishaan . January 24, 2011 . 11:33am

Rune Factory Oceans has even more interaction with the townsfolk than previous games.

Post 110964

New Night of the Sacrifice Trailer Looks Creepier Than Ever

By Ishaan . January 21, 2011 . 10:27am

Another look at Marvelous Entertainment’s whacky survival horror experiment on the Wii.

Post 110946

Animal Resort Has A New Name

By Ishaan . January 21, 2011 . 8:28am

Well, sort of. It’s now called “Animal Resort: Let’s Build a Zoo!” and we have a few more details on what it involves.

Post 110766

Rune Factory Oceans Has Guest Characters From Rune Factory Frontier

By Ishaan . January 20, 2011 . 11:31am

Oceans also lets you “mock-marry” certain characters for a single night.

Post 110275

New Half-Minute Hero Second Trailer Is Longer Than Half A Minute

By Ishaan . January 17, 2011 . 9:15pm

Marvelous’ delay announcement was accompanied by a new trailer for Half-Minute Hero Second.

Post 110205

Half-Minute Hero Second Hit With A Second Delay

By Ishaan . January 17, 2011 . 8:01am

Marvelous Entertainment cite “various reasons” for the delay.

Post 109861

Rune Factory Oceans Introduces A Masked Mystery Man

By Ishaan . January 14, 2011 . 3:11pm

During their adventures, Azel and Sonia encounter a masked man, shrouded in mystery.

Post 108355

Have A Baby After You Get Married In Rune Factory Oceans

By Spencer . January 5, 2011 . 12:35am

Famitsu has a piece on Rune Factory Oceans this week, which outlines an event that can happen after you get married.

Post 108235

Travis Steps Up To The Plate For Another Swing At No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 3:33pm

Sometime this year Konami will bring over No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise and right now it’s just for PlayStation 3.

Post 106004

Walk Through A Horror Game With The Balance Board And Night Of The Sacrifice

By Spencer . December 21, 2010 . 1:17pm

Marvelous’ upcoming Wii horror game Night of the Sacrifice utilizes the Balance Board. How? We’ve been wondering that. Good thing retailer Game Star spilled the beans.