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RIZ-ZOAWD or that Wizard of the Oz RPG in Japan

By Spencer . August 8, 2008 . 10:04am

Dorothy doesn’t casually stroll on the yellow brick road. Monsters like giant mushrooms attack her. It looks like there is a Dragon Quest style combat system where you choose characters and attacks with the touch screen. The top screen shows the monsters and minimal battle animations. Outside of combat RIZ-ZOAWD has vibrant graphics. The 3D […]

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Follow the yellow brick road to the Wizard of Oz RPG

By Spencer . June 13, 2008 . 12:37pm

Without L. Frank Baum’s permission the Wizard of Oz has been adapted into a Broadway musical, a film with the Muppets, and an anime where Dorothy travels into deep space. I thought Space Oz no Bouken was the limit of the license, but D3 Publisher is taking it in a more interactive direction. While Riz-zoawd […]

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The slings and arrows of Wild ARMs XF

By Rolando . March 12, 2008 . 8:09pm

Wild ARMs XF is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, the game does a good job of taking the Wild ARMs series into SRPG territory by offering a unique outing and a bit "unorthodox" yet rewarding approach to battles. At the same time, though, the game doesn't bother holding your hand when […]

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A girl, a dog set and a dash of the Wild West. First play with Wild ARMs XF

By Spencer . March 4, 2008 . 10:31pm

On the surface Clarissa Arwin, the first character you meet in Wild ARMs XF, looks like the late Princess of Elesius. Also on the surface, Wild ARMs XF appears to have ordinary strategy RPG combat goals such as walking up to enemies and whacking them with swords. Looks can be deceiving.   In Act 1-2 […]

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Incoming PSP SRPG, XSeed picks up Wild ARMs XF

By Spencer . November 30, 2007 . 2:15am

Gamers working on Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness have something to look forward to. Next spring, XSeed Games will bring Wild ARMs XF and 60 levels of hex grid battles to PSP owners in North America. The title is a brand new strategy RPG made by Media Vision, Sony […]

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Before Wild ARMs there was Crime Crackers

By Spencer . October 24, 2007 . 9:00am

It’s the end of the month and that means Sony is going to add additional downloadable PS1 titles to the Japanese Playstation Store. Neo Atlus, Artdink’s pre-colonial exploration series, makes an appearance. And then there is Crime Crackers, a rather strange hybrid of first person shooters and dungeon crawling. The only reason why I even […]

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