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Mega Man 11 Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya Describes What It Was Like To Help Program Mega Man 7

By Alistair . January 3, 2018 . 8:00am

Game Informer recently interviewed Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, asking him about his time as a programmer for Mega Man 7. Tsuchiya went into detail on what his least favorite stage in, and how the game was made in three months.

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Drill Dozer, Mega Man 7, And Super Paper Mario Make Their North American Virtual Console Debuts

By Jenni . June 16, 2016 . 7:44am

People in North America who stop by the Nintendo eShop will find Drill Dozer and Super Paper Mario on the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console, as well as Mega Man 7 for the New Nintendo 3DS.

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Mega Man 7 Out Now On Wii U Virtual Console In North America

By Ishaan . September 12, 2014 . 11:25am

Mega Man 7 is available on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U today.