Post 116960

Here’s How Voiceover Auditions For Mega Man Legends 3′s Aero Were Conducted

By Ishaan . February 25, 2011 . 10:00am

Capcom reveal how they went about carrying out the auditions for Aero’s voice in Japan.

Post 116106

Mega Man Legends 3 Voice Recording Is Already Underway

By Ishaan . February 20, 2011 . 4:29pm

New heroine, Aero, is first in line to have her dialogue recorded for Legends 3.

Post 115451

A Message From Mega Man Legends 3′s Director

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 12:04pm

Mega Man Legends 3 director, Masakazu Eguchi, has an important message for fans.

Post 112994

Mega Man Dives Through A Sea Of Spikes In Rockman Diver

By Spencer . February 2, 2011 . 12:59am

As a throwback to the classic Mega Man games, Capcom created Rockman Diver. This mobile phone game takes the dodge the spikes while falling parts and adds a score bar to them.

Post 110511

Import Mega Man Game Now On The US PlayStation Store

By Spencer . January 18, 2011 . 8:05pm

Capcom jumped on the digital imports band wagon with a rare version of Mega Man, Rockman: Complete Works.

Post 108642

Capcom Recruiting Servbots…Er Gamers, With Mega Man Legends 3 Recruitment Trailer

By Ishaan . January 6, 2011 . 11:15am

Eager to attract more fans still, to give input on the game’s development, Capcom released this recruitment trailer for Mega Man Legends 3.

Post 108458

Mega Man Legends 3 Producer Says Hi

By Ishaan . January 5, 2011 . 4:31pm

The Legends 3 development team hails from all corners of Capcom, including people involved with the Monster Hunter games.

Post 104630

Mega Man Legends 3 Powered By MT Framework

By Spencer . December 14, 2010 . 12:18am

Also, see the winner of the Bonne Mecha contest.

Post 103989

See The Mega Man Legends 3 Bonne Mecha Contest Finalists

By Ishaan . December 10, 2010 . 8:27am

One of these ten mechs will make it into the game.

Post 103180

An Introduction To The World Of Mega Man Legends 3

By Ishaan . December 7, 2010 . 5:02pm

The world of Legends 3 is a world covered 90% by water. The exact cause of this global flooding isn’t known.

Post 103133

Give Personality To Mega Man Legends 3′s Townspeople

By Ishaan . December 7, 2010 . 9:14am

The next phase of the Mega Man Legends 3 fan collaboration requires fans to submit names, dialogue and background information for the game’s townspeople.

Post 97446

Mega Man, Resident Evil, And Silpheed Go Glasses-Free 3D On Android Phones

By Spencer . November 4, 2010 . 3:00am

Softbank unveiled Galapagos, a series of glasses-free 3D mobile phones at their 2010 winter press conference.

Post 96922

A Message From The Mega Man Legends 3 Team

By Ishaan . November 2, 2010 . 12:50pm

The Mega Man Legends 3 team has heard Internet concerns as to what will come of their project now that Keiji Inafune is gone.

Post 96276

The Winning Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine Is…

By Spencer . October 29, 2010 . 2:37am

Here’s a hint: she has goggles!

Post 93075

Here’s How Else You Can Help Capcom On Mega Man Legends 3

By Ishaan . October 13, 2010 . 6:50pm

Keiji Inafune dishes out the details of the ambitious Mega Man Legends 3 fan-collaboration project.

Post 92264

Help Capcom Design Mega Man Legends 3

By Ishaan . October 10, 2010 . 2:13pm

Capcom want you to help them design their highly-requested Mega Man Legends title for the Nintendo 3DS.

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