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Preorders Now Open For First 4 Figures’ Samus Varia Suit Statue

By Casey . May 15, 2016 . 5:30pm

The standard version of the figure will cost $384.99 while the exclusive version featuring LEDs will cost $429.99.

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Good Smile Company’s Samus Aran: Zero Suit Ver. Metroid Figure Being Rereleased Again

By Jenni . November 5, 2015 . 11:00am

Metroid fans who missed the Good Smile Company’s Zero Suit Samus Aran scale figure the first three times have another shot at getting her.

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Mario, Peach, Link, Zelda, And Samus Aran Get Their Own Pulp Covers

By Chris . December 26, 2014 . 5:00pm

Illustrator Ástor Alexander has created a series of Nintendo-themed pulp magazine covers that show Mario, Peach, Link, Zelda, and Samus Aran in a way you probably haven’t before.

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Nintendo Considering Two Kinds Of Metroid Games

By Ishaan . June 13, 2014 . 9:32am

“We’re having discussions internally about what we can do next,” says Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi.

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Super Mario Bros. 2 Hits 3DS Virtual Console Today

By Ishaan . July 11, 2013 . 9:30am

This week’s Nintendo eShop update on 3DS brings Super Mario Bros. 2 to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

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Grab Metroid And A Crush 3D Demo Off The Nintendo eShop This Week

By Ishaan . March 1, 2012 . 11:16am

Meanwhile, Europe gets Punch-Out!! and Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

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Metroid Space Jumps To Japanese Nintendo eShop Next Week

By Ishaan . February 22, 2012 . 3:29pm

Cue Samus appearance fanfare.

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Memories Of Making Metroid

By Aria . December 26, 2011 . 2:01pm

The original Metroid first came into being as our desire to create a game that took place in a gloopy, alien-like world. In early development, there were only rows of blocks, and the backgrounds didn’t give you the sense that they were alive.

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Hands On Nintendo’s NES 3DS Ambassador Games

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 7:42am

While the NES games do not have save states, your progress is saved if you switch to another application, return to the home menu or turn the system off.

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Max Factory To Release Metroid: Other M Samus Aran Figma Figurine

By Ishaan . August 28, 2011 . 12:00pm

Max Factory are working on two Samus figurines based on Metroid: Other M for release in 2012.

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Metroid: Other M’s Concept Art Gallery Translated Into English

By Ishaan . July 3, 2011 . 3:13pm

The entire Metroid: Other M concept art gallery present in the game has been translated into English, and provides some interesting little tidbits of information.

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This Is How The Names “Metroid” And “Samus Aran” Came To Exist

By Ishaan . June 18, 2011 . 10:25am

In a 2004 interview with Japanese magazine, Nintendo Dream, Nintendo’s Hiroji Kiyotake and Yoshio Sakamoto revealed how both names came about.

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Metroid II Fan Remake Looks Mighty Impressive

By Ishaan . November 23, 2010 . 9:28am

A Metroid II remake based on the feel of Metroid: Zero Mission.

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Here’s A List Of Proposed Action Figures By Bandai

By Ishaan . October 9, 2010 . 1:55pm

A list of proposed figures to be released under Bandai’s D-Arts line reveals characters like Samus Aran, Haseo, Izanagi from Persona 4, and Mega Man, Medabots and Digimon characters.

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Why Was There Never A Metroid 64?

By Ishaan . September 19, 2010 . 1:20pm

Series director Yoshio Sakamoto reveals it was because no one had the confidence to develop it.