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Soul Breeding PS3 SRPG Picked Up For International Release

By Spencer . April 22, 2009 . 4:36pm

The thought of a Western company localizing and distributing Agarest Senki boggles the mind. Looks like it’s going to happen thanks in part to European bargain bin publisher Midas Interactive.   A rating for Agarest: Generations of War as a PlayStation 3 game popped up in Germany. The name definitely fits. Also, Midas Interactive worked […]

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While we’re waiting for a new Jet Grind Radio there is Skate Park City

By Spencer . August 1, 2008 . 10:16am

Skate Park City has a touch of Jet Grind Radio’s style with its visuals, but inline skates aren’t welcome here. Everyone in this futuristic setting has skateboards. Similar to the Tony Hawk game you do tricks, but the goal is to rescue a kidnapped friend from someone called Virus. It’s like Skate or Die for […]

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Spectral versus Generation gets localized

By Spencer . April 3, 2007 . 11:14am

While Idea Factory’s attempt at a fighting game was glossed over by North American publishers it is heading to Europe care of Midas Interactive. Spectral vs. Generation takes characters from Idea Factory’s two main SRPG series, Spectral Souls and Generation of Chaos as the fighters you can select. What is awkward about the release is […]

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