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More Amazing Artwork And Details About Midway’s Canceled Game, Hero

By Spencer . January 10, 2011 . 3:01am

After discovering the first piece of stunning art from Hero we were on a quest to find out more about the axed Midway project.

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A Glimpse At Day To Night, An Unreleased Horror Game From Midway

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 3:37am

Hot on the heels of our Hero news, we present Day to Night another unreleased and unannounced project from Mortal Kombat makers Midway.

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That’s Artwork From Hero, A Canned Midway Game

By Spencer . January 3, 2011 . 2:19am

Before Midway collapsed they had a number of in-development games like This is Vegas and a lesser known title simply called Hero.

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Ed Boon explains Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe isn’t a repeat of the past

By Spencer . July 30, 2008 . 1:01pm

In the explosion of fighting game crossovers Yoda searches for the Soulcalibur, Ryu throws fireballs at Gold Lightan, and Sub-Zero freezes Batman. It’s a strange world out there. During my conversation with Ed Boon, the Co-creator of Mortal Kombat, he emphasized Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe isn’t just a Mortal Kombat game with Superman. The […]

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The Joker enters Mortal Kombat

By Spencer . July 25, 2008 . 11:44am

Add Jax, Kitana, Green Lantern, and the Joker to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. The confirmed list thus far includes: Batman, Sub-Zero, Superman, Scorpion, The Flash, Sonya, Catwoman, Shang Tsung, Shazam, and Liu Kang. Villains will have fatalities so the Joker will theoretically be able to kill Superman in the game. Comic book creator, Jimmy […]

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When Worlds Kollide Superman can pound Scorpion into the ground

By Spencer . July 23, 2008 . 11:18am

Midway has no intention of making Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe as technical as Street Fighter IV. They threw out the ability to cycle through multiple fighting styles and removed the weapons introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance to make the crossover game a title anyone can play. The new addition to the fighting system […]

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Will Mortal Kombat vs. DC be anything like this?

By Spencer . April 18, 2008 . 4:29pm

Seeing Sub-Zero and Batman together is bizarre. Really, really bizarre even if Midway cuts fatalities in favor of DC Universe canon. Even stranger is this will not be the only fighting game with DC characters. When Street Fighter II clones were all the rage good old Acclaim released Justice League Task Force. There wasn’t even […]

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Midway’s future, more Mortal Kombat in the horizon

By Spencer . October 3, 2007 . 5:51am

Unreal Tournament 3 got pushed back to the first fiscal quarter of 2008 and it’s going to be followed by other next generation installments of Midway's franchises. The publisher is currently developing follow ups to NBA Ballers, the Blitz football series and a brand new Mortal Kombat.  Midway has done a kosher job of digging […]

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Stranglehold no longer region locked

By Spencer . August 10, 2007 . 12:49pm

After cries on Midway’s official boards the company had a change of heart and decided to release the game without region coding. This means if you’re in Europe, Asia or wherever you can import the limited edition version of the game, which comes with the Blu-ray movie Hardboiled on the disc.   I’m glad Midway […]

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Stranglehold demo slips on Xbox Live

By Spencer . August 8, 2007 . 4:01am

Ever since E3, I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Stranglehold. I admit, I glossed it over it and I regretted it after talking about it so much. But all isn’t lost. Midway released a free demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Ah great! Nothing lost now and much gained for the Siliconera readers since […]

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Stranglehold, the first region locked Playstation 3 game?

By Spencer . July 31, 2007 . 12:44pm

News popped up from the Midway Forums (thanks for the tip IceAmp!) about Stranglehold getting region coding on the Playstation 3. Previously all games on the Playstation 3 were not region encoded. Back at GDC '06 Sony made a big announcement by touting the Playstation 3 as a region free console. The likely culprit which […]

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s video game box art

By Spencer . July 27, 2007 . 11:21am

I don’t know whether the Aqua Teen Hunger Force game is actually going to be a quality title or a quick cash-in for Midway. The box art is cool though and it seems to have an original concept… mini golf mashed with kart racing and there is some 3D action with Master Shake swinging a […]

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Beer Pong on the Wii?

By Spencer . June 28, 2007 . 5:17pm

I can’t believe I didn’t notice this right away, but as Chris Kohler points out the concept art for Midway’s Game Party looks like it has Beer Pong as one of the mini games. Do you see it? Look right underneath “trivia”. Like a lot of people I’m starting to get sick of motion controlled […]

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Game Party, a new Wii game?

By Spencer . June 14, 2007 . 12:33am

Two unannounced games popped up from Midway on EB Games’ pre-order list. The awkwardly titled Game Party is a Wii title with no details and it probably is not a remake of the NES game with the same name. Probably more interesting (because we at least have an idea about it) is a new Fosters […]

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Origins of Myst DS

By Spencer . June 7, 2007 . 1:41pm

Earlier today Midway announced they are bringing Myst to the Nintendo DS in Europe. This isn’t the first time Myst as graced a portable console, Sega published Myst on the PSP nearly a year ago. Cyan Worlds who developed the Myst franchise added in the Rime Age in the PSP remake, a whole new age […]

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