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Who wanted to learn to Hula dance with the Wii?

By Spencer . August 4, 2008 . 7:03am

Unlike the forgotten Wii Zapper, developers are rushing to utilize the Wii Balance Board. Milestone got an idea that gamers in Japan want to master Hula dancing with it. Hawaii has always been a popular destination for Japanese tourists, but, seriously, Hula Wii is several degrees of separation away from Ultimate Shooting Collection. Japan gets […]

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Ultimate news, we’re getting Milestone’s Wii shmup collection

By Spencer . July 21, 2008 . 7:40am

Last year at E3, Nintendo’s yearly release calendar leaked Crows was coming to the Wii care of O3 Entertainment. Earlier this year, Milestone Shooting Collection came out in Japan and few people seemed to notice it missed its launch date. The trio of shoot ‘em ups included on the disc were all released for the […]

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Milestone Shooting Collection aims for delivery next week

By Spencer . April 1, 2008 . 12:29pm

If you were hunting down a copy of Karous Wii, sorry that’s Milestone Shooting Collection Karous Wii, last week you’re probably empty handed without an explanation. I was one of those people, but I found out Milestone delayed the game at nearly the last minute. Two days before it was scheduled to come out Milestone […]

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Karous Wii spreads its wings in March

By Spencer . February 6, 2008 . 3:14pm

Milestone hasn’t updated their Karous page with a specific release date for the Wii version. However, Sega who aids distribution for some publishers in Japan notes Karous is coming out on March 27 in Japan. Plenty of other retailers including Amazon Japan have Karous Wii set, so it’s probably legitimate. Interestingly, Milestone hasn’t given the […]

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Milestone preps a shmup compilation for the Wii

By Spencer . December 26, 2007 . 7:29pm

I think we saw this coming after O3 Entertainment snuck Karous as a Nintendo Wii game back at E3. Milestone still hasn’t unveiled Karous as a Wii game, but Arcade Renaissance points out Rakuten, a Japanese retailer spilled the goods. Karous will add in light motion control plus two other games. Radio Allergy (Radilgy) and […]

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After the Dreamcast dies shmups rise

By Spencer . March 20, 2007 . 9:26am

Now that Karous is out the Dreamcast release schedule is dormant again, but after its "death" the Dreamcast has become the de facto system for shmups. Kurt Kalata who  maintains Hardcore Gaming 101 (and also writes for Siliconera) takes a look back at a sizeable list of shmups starting with Border Down, which has branching […]

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Radio Allergy delayed until March

By Spencer . February 19, 2007 . 6:37am

Milestone’s Gamecube shoot ‘em up, Radio Allergy (Radiligy –GeneriC-) is going to be delayed until March 20, 2007. It looks as if Radio Allergy is going to fall into the budget price point. Amazon is selling the game for only $19.99, but no other online retailers have confirmed this price.  Gamestop doesn’t have the game […]

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