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MIGS 2006: Wario Ware and Zelda

By Katie . November 16, 2006 . 12:08pm

In this chapter of the Expo exposé, we’ll p-‘Wii’-view two of the other games playable back at the Summit: Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.   First off, it must be said that I didn’t get as much one-on-one action with these two as those in Part 1. Zelda was […]

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MIGS 2006: Regie Fils-Aimé speaks

By Katie . November 14, 2006 . 9:44am

With yesterday’s looping clip of superhero- and TV show-based games gone from the projectors and the loudspeakers quieted of their hard-rock riff, this morning offered mellowed-out house music and a PowerPoint slide assuring us that Mr. Fils-Aimé, the take-charge head honcho of NoA, was truly, honestly going to show, even well past the 9 A.M. […]

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MIGS 2006: Playing Wii Sports and Excite Truck

By Katie . November 13, 2006 . 12:18pm

Feeling invigorated after the morning’s exciting start, the audience poured from the room in a steady stream towards the ongoing attraction, the Expo. Technical demos, like the Matrox three-point surround-screen setup, and information booths for the likes of the Moby Games database project were spread out in the front half of the room, while a […]

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MIGS 2006: Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s keynote speech

By Katie . November 12, 2006 . 1:47pm

It’s been all wrapped up and sent first class to the books of videogame industry past, but when the floor had fallen silent at the MIGS, Siliconera walked out with all the best dirt – and boy, were they ever big, dirty floors! So although cleanup will take a while, just sit tight and we’ll […]