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Say Cheese, Super Sonico You’re On PlayStation 3

By Spencer . February 28, 2014 . 1:13am

More! SoniComi is a photography game where players take pictures of Super Sonico. You can change the focus, camera angle, and atmosphere to get the perfect shot.

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Upupupu! Danganronpa’s Monokuma Appears In An Idol Game

By Sato . February 10, 2014 . 12:09pm

Super Sonico doesn’t have much in common with Danganronpa’s cunningly vile Monokuma or his sister Monomi, but she sure looks cute wearing their costumes.

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Speaking Of Costumes, Here’s More! Sonicomi’s Maid Outfit

By Spencer . January 21, 2014 . 1:48am

Speaking of Yuna’s summoner costume in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, More! SoniComi from Nitroplus and Kadokawa Games has plenty of costumes for Super Sonico.

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Super Sonico Returns With Even More Costumes

By Spencer . November 28, 2013 . 12:21am

Kadokawa Games has another look at More! SoniComi from behind the camera. In the game you are a gravure photographer and the story progresses when you fulfill different requests.

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More! SoniComi Has Many More Costume Options For Super Sonico

By Spencer . November 7, 2013 . 3:35am

More! SoniComi is moving from PC to PlayStation 3 with more content. Kadokawa Games added over 140 new costume parts bringing the total number of parts for Super Sonico to over 1,000.

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More! Screenshots Of Super Sonico’s Photo Shoot Mini-Game

By Spencer . September 23, 2013 . 12:23am

Kadokawa Games and Nitroplus are bringing the Super Sonico communication game More! SoniComi to PlayStation 3. It’s part adventure game and part gravure photo shoots.

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Super Sonico Fans, More! SoniComi Is Coming To PS3 On March 20

By Spencer . September 18, 2013 . 12:14am

Soon, Hatsune Miku won’t be the only virtual idol with a PS3 game. A port of the PC game More! SoniComi featuring Super Sonico is in development for PlayStation 3.

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SoniPro 3DS Game Has You Training Super Sonico To Be An Idol

By Ishaan . July 28, 2013 . 12:30pm

Nitroplus announced SoniPro (which stands for Super Sonico in Production) for the Nintendo 3DS at the summer 2013 Wonder Festival this weekend.

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