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Is Koei working on a Warriors Orochi PSP port?

By Spencer . November 28, 2007 . 3:48pm

Time traveling samurai and warriors from ancient China could be coming to a PSP near you if Gamefly is correct. They have the PlayStation 2/Xbox 360 title, Warriors Orochi, listed as a PSP game too. This could be good news for fans that can’t get enough of leveling armies with a single button. On the […]

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Musou Orochi leaving Japan, heading west

By Spencer . June 20, 2007 . 5:39pm

Koei’s Samurai Warriors meets Dynasty Warriors crossover got a North American release with a new awkward title, Warriors Orochi. There are 77 playable characters from the two franchises crammed into to Warriors Orochi that you rotate through with the new three player tag team system. You actively fight with one warrior while the other two […]

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Watch: Musou Orochi Trailer

By Rolando . March 11, 2007 . 2:16pm

[youtube]AKpVVTSPLUY[/youtube]   Musou fans rejoice! Koei unveiled on the official Musou Orochi website the actual trailer for the game complemented by its gameplay. One thing I’m digging the most about Musou Orochi thus far is the ability to change between the three commands you choose on the fly, adding a bit of taste to particular […]

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