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Make More Friends With Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town On The Wii U

By Jenni . October 26, 2015 . 11:30am

Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town is the next Natsume Game Boy Advance game to come to the Nintendo Wii U.

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Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories Lets You Marry A Witch Or Wizard

By Jenni . October 16, 2015 . 11:30am

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley’s witch and wizard will return for Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, and this time you can marry each of them.

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Gotcha Racing Speeding Onto The 3DS

By Jenni . August 19, 2015 . 11:00am

Natsume is bringing Arc System Works’ Gotcha Racing to the Nintendo 3DS eShop later this month.

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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley’s DLC Love Interests Are Easier To Woo

By Jenni . July 30, 2015 . 1:30pm

You may have an easier time getting Andrea or Luke to love you in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

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Harvest Moon And Beyond, What’s Next For Natsume?

By Spencer . March 18, 2015 . 3:00am

Natsume president Hiro Maekawa spoke to Siliconera about the transition from licensing farming games to developing their own Harvest Moon title, bringing A-Train to the West, and their plans for the future.

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Natsume President Comments About Medabots And Making RPGs With Kemco

By Spencer . March 12, 2015 . 1:45am

Siliconera had a chance to talk with Natsume president Hiro Maekawa about their plans for the year and because it’s been discussed here quite a few times we made sure to ask about Medabots.

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Natsume Ask What GBA Game Fans Would Like On Wii U Virtual Console

By Ishaan . September 15, 2014 . 8:30am

Natsume, who have been releasing some of their Game Boy catalogue for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, are now setting their sights on Wii U.

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Natsume Bringing Three Nintendo Titles To E3

By Ishaan . June 3, 2014 . 1:45pm

Natsume may have lost Harvest Moon, but they’re still bringing a few surprises to E3 this year.

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The Past And Future Of Harvest Moon

By Ishaan . May 28, 2014 . 5:30pm

Harvest Moon has quite the complicated past. Here’s a look back at the winding path the series has taken over the years.

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Natsume Touch Upon Their Plans For E3 This Year

By Ishaan . April 21, 2014 . 9:00am

Natsume have touched upon their E3 plans in a post to their Facebook page.

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Natsume To Make Further Nintendo 3DS Announcements Before E3

By Ishaan . January 6, 2014 . 11:00am

Natsume will publish Yumi’s Odd Odyssey in North America this month, but they have plans for the Nintendo 3DS beyond that title as well.

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Harvest Moon Publisher Opens New Tokyo Office For Game Development

By Ishaan . June 4, 2013 . 8:30am

Natsume, the publisher of Harvest Moon in North America, are opening an office in Tokyo, which will expand their development of games for consoles, portables and smartphones.

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Natsume To Publish Harvest Moon Creator’s New Game

By Ishaan . May 31, 2012 . 12:02am

Project Happiness by Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of Harvest Moon, will be at E3.

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A Look At Natsume’s Collection Of Failed Plushies

By Ishaan . March 4, 2012 . 2:00pm

Take a look at some of Natsume’s failed plushie models that never entered production.

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Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove Interview Also Discusses Natsume’s Future Plans

By Spencer . May 9, 2011 . 3:11pm

“The move to the 3DS allowed the development team to put back in a fashion show feature that had been removed from the DS version. It’s a fun feature that gives you a chance to show off the items and outfits that you’ve collected.”