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Wahoo on the Space Station Tycoon rumor

By Spencer . August 16, 2007 . 2:20pm

The rumor is Space Station Tycoon for the Wii is not going to make the target August release date and it may have gotten the axe. Over at the official NinjaBee boards a lead programmer from NinjaBee has this to say:   Any rumors saying that Wahoo was not able to deliver the product are […]

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Band of Bugs on Xbox Live Arcade this week

By Spencer . June 18, 2007 . 11:16am

If a Bugs Life was a strategy game it would probably be like NinjaBee’s third game, Band of Bugs. Since it has grid based combat Band of Bugs falls into the tactical combat genre, but be warned the system isn’t as complex as Tactics Ogre. One of the features which not seen in many tactical […]

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Hands on Band of Bugs

By Spencer . March 16, 2007 . 2:40am

  Ninja Bee’s upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Band of Bugs (previously known as Bugs of War) is an interesting change from their comic games like Cloning Clyde. It’s a casual strategy game (dare I say strategy RPG?) where you guide an army of bugs on a grid based board similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. […]

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Spotlight Episode 4: Ninja Bee on making Cloning Clyde

By Spencer . July 28, 2006 . 1:48pm

Now on Xbox Live Arcade is Cloning Clyde, a 2D platformer made by Ninja Bee. Recently we had a chat with Steve Taylor, president of Ninja Bee and John Nielson, the creative mind behind Cloning Clyde about their video game studio. “Our studio does traditional contract work as well as ‘indie’ stuff. NinjaBee is the […]

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Cloning Clyde now on Xbox Live Arcade

By Spencer . July 19, 2006 . 8:52am

The Xbox Live Arcade has been slowly getting original games developed for it like Cloning Clyde, which was just released today. In the game you play as a dim-witted human guinea pig, Clyde, who registers for an experiment at Dupliclone Inc for a measly $20. To escape from the facility along with his biological brethren […]

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