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Piracy in San Francisco: Game Boy Advance multicart gallery

By Spencer . March 13, 2007 . 10:10am

After the whole GDC was over I strolled around San Francisco in search of a go board. While wandering around I stumbled upon a shop with a massive supply of pirated Game Boy Advance multicarts sitting in the display counter. Besides having the usual hodgepodge of GBA box art on the cartridges there were some […]

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma screenshot gallery

By Spencer . December 22, 2006 . 10:25am

  Team Ninja, which used only believe in the power of X, is moving over to the develop Ninja Gaiden for the Playstation 3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma is essentially an enhanced port where Ryu can use two swords and Rachel has a separate storyline. The screenshots of the game look really good, but Tecmo is […]