Post 426343

The Seven Deadly Sins Game Is An Action Adventure Title For 3DS

By Sato . August 20, 2014 . 8:30am

The game will be an action adventure title for the Nintendo 3DS and will be published by Bandai Namco.

Post 426441

Final Fantasy Explorers Hits Japan On December 18th

By Sato . August 20, 2014 . 6:33am

The latest issue of Jump magazine shares additional info on Final Fantasy Explorers’ various features.

Post 426231

Nintendo Bringing Persona Q To Korea With A Different Limited Edition

By Spencer . August 20, 2014 . 2:02am

Nintendo of Korea has been publishing Atlus games like Shin Megami Tensei IV which was fully localized into Korean. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will also be localized and South Korea will get the game before North America too.

Post 426213

Mighty Gunvolt Video Shows Some Of Its Retro-Style Action

By Sato . August 19, 2014 . 11:05pm

Inafune explains that Mighty Gunvolt is a game with the taste of the nostalgic 8-bit-style action games from the ‘80s.

Post 426200

Mighty Gunvolt Takes After The NES Mega Man Games

By Sato . August 19, 2014 . 7:25pm

The three playable characters in Mighty Gunvolt are Ekoro from Galgun, Beck from Mighty No. 9, and Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Post 426181

Fantasy Life Gets New Multiplayer Trailer

By Ishaan . August 19, 2014 . 11:35am

Another trailer for Fantasy Life, this time featuring multiplayer.

Post 426149

Report: Mighty No. 9 x Gunvolt x Galgun Collaboration Announced For 3DS [Update]

By Sato . August 19, 2014 . 7:15am

You’ll be able to play as Azure Striker Gunvolt protagonist Gunvolt, Ekoro the apprentice angel from Galgun, and Mighty No. 9 hero Beck.

Post 425957

Pokémon Developer Game Freak’s Solitare Horse Racing Headed To iOS And Android

By Sato . August 19, 2014 . 2:20am

Game Freak’s Soliti Horse is being released for smartphones in Japan.

Post 425928

Touch Detective Returns… Now With A Rhythm Game

By Spencer . August 19, 2014 . 12:03am

Touch Detective Funghi Rhythm has over 20 songs including “Funghi’s Song” from Haruka Fukuhara. As players progress through Touch Detective Funghi Rhythm they’ll earn costumes for Funghi.

Post 425924

Here Are Two Of Zero Suit Samus’ Alternate Costumes In Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 11:31pm

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed two of Zero Suit Samus’ alternate outfits in the game.

Post 425850

Senran Kagura Producer Wants To Narrow The Release Gap Outside Japan

By Sato . August 18, 2014 . 5:30pm

“They’re so passionate, and it always surprises me,” Takaki says about foreign fans.

Post 425681

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Pre-Orders Will Come With A Dog Plushie

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 4:30pm

As suspected, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will come with a dog plushie as a pre-order bonus.

Post 425872

BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma Is Being Released In North America This Week

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 2:02pm

BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma will be released on August 21st.

Post 425876

Fantasy Life’s New Trailer Shows What The RPG Is All About

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 11:30am

Nintendo of Europe have shared a new trailer for Fantasy Life, Level 5’s Nintendo 3DS life-simulation RPG.

Post 425603

Keiji Inafune Talks About His Contribution To Azure Striker Gunvolt

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 11:02am

Inafune—who is credited as Executive Producer and “action director” on Gunvolt—shares how he came to be involved with the project.

Post 425866

Shin Megami Tensei IV For $19.99 And Other Atlus Discounts On eShop

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 10:30am

Once more, Atlus’ games are on discount sale on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS.

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