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Metroid Prime: Federation Force Shows Off Its Amiibo Functionality

By Casey . June 21, 2016 . 8:30am

Some amiibos will have the ability to give your Mechs different paint jobs in Blast Ball matches, while the Samus and Zero Suit Samus amiibos will grant “helpful in-game upgrades.”

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Protect Me Knight 2’s New English Name Is Gotta Protectors

By Jenni . June 21, 2016 . 8:00am

Protect Me Knight 2’s second soundtrack volume has revealed the Nintendo 3DS game’s new English name is Gotta Protectors.

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Battle for Money Cashes Out A New Game For Nintendo 3DS

By Sato . June 21, 2016 . 5:30am

Bandai Namco revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that they’re releasing a new game for Battle for Money, or Sentouchuu, for Nintendo 3DS.

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FuRyu Is Ripping Out Beyblade Burst For Nintendo 3DS In Japan On November 10, 2016

By Sato . June 21, 2016 . 3:00am

FuRyu is publishing a new Beyblade game, titled Beyblade Burst, for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 10, 2016. The official website and Amazon Japan listing page shows us more.

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Metroid Prime: Federation Force Videos Show Its Exploration, Battles, And More

By Sato . June 21, 2016 . 2:00am

We didn’t get to see Metroid Prime: Federation Force at this year’s E3, but Nintendo has uploaded a bunch of videos highlighting various gameplay parts of the upcoming 3DS title.

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One Piece: Grand Pirate Colosseum Shows Off Gameplay Action In Its First Trailer

By Sato . June 21, 2016 . 12:30am

Arc System Works is working on One Piece: Grand Pirate Colosseum, which borrows plenty of gameplay elements from Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden and other 2D fighters of theirs.

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Sonic Boom: Fire And Ice Gameplay Dashes In From E3

By Casey . June 20, 2016 . 9:30am

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice was playable at this year’s E3, and gameplay recorded at the event gives a look one of the game’s levels, including a boss fight.

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River City: Tokyo Rumble Shakes Things Up With Footage From E3

By Casey . June 20, 2016 . 9:00am

A couple of videos of River City: Tokyo Rumble’s E3 demo have surfaced, showing the side-scrolling brawler in action.

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Story Of Seasons: Trio Of Towns Goes Exploring In New Gameplay Video

By Casey . June 20, 2016 . 8:30am

During this year’s E3, Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns was available to play, and a recent gameplay video features the main character exploring a village in the game.

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Etrian Odyssey V Shares A Sneak Peek Into Its Japanese First-Print Bonus

By Sato . June 20, 2016 . 4:30am

Atlus uploaded a video giving us a sneak peek at what we can expect to see from the bonus that comes with Etrian Odyssey V’s first-print copies in Japan.

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One Piece: Grand Pirate Colosseum To Release In Japan On September 21, 2016

By Sato . June 20, 2016 . 3:00am

Amazon Japan has revealed that Bandai Namco’s latest pirate action game in One Piece: Grand Pirate Colosseum by Arc System Works will release in Japan on September 21, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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Watch The First Episode Of Mighty No.9’s Documentary Series With Talk From Keiji Inafune

By Sato . June 20, 2016 . 2:30am

Keiji Inafune and other Comcept staff share a behind-the-scenes look at the development of their upcoming action platformer Mighty No. 9 in the first episode of the game’s documentary series.

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Zero Time Dilemma Gets Its First 3DS Footage, But The Game Won’t Support 3D

By Sato . June 20, 2016 . 2:00am

With Zero Time Dilemma releasing at the end of the month, Nintendo and Spike Chunsoft shared some information along with a first look at the 3DS version of the game.

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20 Minutes Of Mighty No. 9 Footage Shows Off A Couple Of The Game’s Stages

By Casey . June 19, 2016 . 5:30pm

New Mighty No. 9 footage has recently surfaced, giving us a look at a couple of the game’s different levels, including a boss fight.

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This Week In Sales: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Makes Its Debut

By Sato . June 19, 2016 . 12:30pm

Last week, Japan got to see the latest of the Ace Attorney series with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice for Nintendo 3DS and other new releases. Here’s a look at Media Create’s weekly sales figures.