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Project X Zone 2 Is Coming To The West This Fall

By Spencer . April 12, 2015 . 4:00pm

Sega, Capcom, and Bandai Namco characters are joining forces for Project X Zone 2. Monolith Soft is developing this crossover strategy RPG which has new characters including Haseo from .hack//G.U. and Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza: Dead Souls.

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Monster Hunter Stories Announced For Nintendo 3DS

By Sato . April 11, 2015 . 10:05pm

Capcom recently held their “Monster Hunter Fest ‘15 Finals” event, where they showed a new RPG title called Monster Hunter Stories for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Bravely Second Trailer Recaps All The Jobs Thus Far

By Sato . April 10, 2015 . 5:29pm

Bravely Second’s release is just around the corner, and we’ve already seen all sorts of new jobs and returning jobs from Bravely Default. Square Enix’s latest trailer for the game shares a look at all the jobs we’ve been introduced to thus far, minus the two latest.

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The Latest 3DS Escape Game Will Have You Solve Puzzles In A Museum

By Sato . April 10, 2015 . 4:58pm

The Escape from the Museum: Mystery Discovered! Museum Part is the @Simple DL Series’ 34th entry.

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Listen To Some Of The English Voices In Mighty No. 9

By Ishaan . April 10, 2015 . 11:32am

Yuri Lowenthal, Jan Johns, and more lend their voices to the game.

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The Great Ace Attorney Demonstrates Bits And Pieces Of The First Trial

By Sato . April 9, 2015 . 4:01pm

Producer Shintaro Kojima shows off bits and pieces from the first case of The Great Ace Attorney.

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After Two Solid Hits, Bandai Namco Is Making A Third Run for Money Game

By Sato . April 9, 2015 . 3:28pm

Super Tousouchuu Gather! The Ultimate Escapees is coming to Nintendo 3DS.

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Bravely Second Introduces The Fencer And Bishop Jobs

By Sato . April 9, 2015 . 11:29am

Square Enix introduces two new Bravely Second jobs in this week’s issue of Jump magazine.

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Corpse Party Has Extra Chapters Written By The Original Creators On Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . April 9, 2015 . 12:02am

Mages is bringing Corpse Party to Nintendo 3DS on July 30. The horror game was originally released for PC and then remade for PSP and smartphones.

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Meet The Protagonist Of Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 In This Trailer

By Ishaan . April 8, 2015 . 2:31pm

A trailer for the upcoming remake of Etrian Odyssey 2.

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Codename S.T.E.A.M. Update Released; Enemy Turns Can Be Fast-Forwarded

By Ishaan . April 8, 2015 . 10:57am

See it in action inside.

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Level 5 Also Created An English Trailer For Snack World

By Ishaan . April 8, 2015 . 8:33am

Level is already trying to drum up interest in Snack World among its Western fans.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Brings Monolith Soft’s Massive World On To A Tiny Screen

By Spencer . April 8, 2015 . 3:45am

The vast landscapes crawling with beasts to the Heart-to-Heart scenes scattered throughout the story are intact in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

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Yo-kai Watch 3 Takes Place Both In USA And Japan

By Sato . April 8, 2015 . 2:25am

Yo-kai Watch 3 will reflect the anime’s next season and will move Keita’s story to the USA. But Japan isn’t being left behind.

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D3Publisher Riffs On Attack On Titan With Titan Run

By Spencer . April 8, 2015 . 12:44am

D3Publisher created some offbeat games the Simple Series like Zombie vs. Ambulance and a game that looks a lot like the Zero Escape series. @Simple DL Series Vol. 37: The Titan Run sits between the two by mixing inspiration from Attack on Titan with the gameplay of Rampage.