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Hit Mobile RPG Monster Strike Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . May 12, 2015 . 11:00am

A Monster Strike anime adaptation is in the works as well.

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Project X Zone 2 Adds Characters From Ace Attorney, God Eater 2, And More

By Sato . May 12, 2015 . 4:33am

This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine reveals a few more characters that will join the upcoming sequel.

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Fire Emblem If Adds Easier Modes, And No Longer Has Limited Weapon Usage

By Sato . May 12, 2015 . 3:59am

Fire Emblem If is doing away with limited weapon usage, and has also added an optional “Phoenix” mode for casual players.

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The Great Ace Attorney Demonstrates Its Two Main Features

By Sato . May 11, 2015 . 12:34pm

Capcom’s latest trailer highlights two of the biggest features in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title.

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Nintendo President Can’t Promise When Amiibo Shortages Will Stop

By Ishaan . May 11, 2015 . 12:02pm

“We are very sorry that we can’t promise at what point we will likely be able to resolve the current situation,” says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

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New Atelier Rorona Brings Us Ingredient Hunting

By Spencer . May 11, 2015 . 12:05am

If you aren’t familiar with the Atelier series this look at New Atelier Rorona sums up the experience. On the field, players can search for ingredients which are transmuted into other items Rorona uses in battle.

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If They Made A Game Based On Cutting Grass In Zelda, This Would Be It

By Sato . May 8, 2015 . 5:33pm

Have you ever played the earlier The Legend of Zelda games and just felt the need to cut all the grass?

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Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! Is Getting A Nintendo 3DS Game

By Sato . May 8, 2015 . 4:59pm

The story will be told in manga-like fashion, with animations that show mouths moving along the text, effects like sweat, angry veins, hearts throbbing, and more to fit the feel and look of the manga.

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PoPoLoCrois Farm Story Details Its Battle System And Some Quests

By Sato . May 8, 2015 . 2:31pm

Check out info on the game’s battle system and quests.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire At Nearly 10 Million In Sales

By Ishaan . May 7, 2015 . 10:28am

Nintendo have shared software sales for some of their more high-profile first-party Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games.

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Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta Appears As An Assist Character In Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden

By Sato . May 6, 2015 . 3:50pm

Arc System Works are adding the powerful Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta as an assist if you have a save data from another Dragon Ball Z game.

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The Shulk Amiibo Looks Like It’s Getting Restocked

By Ishaan . May 6, 2015 . 11:33am

This comes hot on the heels of a recent statement made by Nintendo, addressing the constant shortage of Amiibo figurines in North America since their launch.

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Level 55 Dragonite Coming To Pokémon Games Via GameStop

By Ishaan . May 6, 2015 . 10:59am

A level 55 Dragonite will be distributed via participating GameStop stores in the U.S. from June 22nd – July 12th.

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Kaitou Joker’s 3DS Game Is A Traditional Platformer Mixed With Puzzle Elements

By Sato . May 6, 2015 . 1:00am

Bandai Namco have shared a look at the upcoming 3DS game based on the series.

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How Did Kirby: Triple Deluxe Get Its Name?

By Ishaan . May 4, 2015 . 2:02pm

Did you ever wonder how Kirby Triple Deluxe got its name? Director Shinya Kumazaki has shared a little insight on this front via a Miiverse post.