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Nintendo Comments On Not Selling NX At A Loss And The Need Of A Solid Software Lineup

By Sato . May 2, 2016 . 4:30am

Following the information we got from Nintendo’s latest financial briefing we got last week, the company has provided us with more from their investor briefing Q&A with president Tatsumi Kimishima.

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Nintendo NX Expected To Launch Worldwide In March 2017

By Sato . April 27, 2016 . 12:15am

Nintendo revealed in its latest financial results that their upcoming console, tentatively called NX, will release worldwide in March 2017.

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Nintendo NX Suggested As A Home Console Device By Koei Tecmo CEO

By Sato . December 29, 2015 . 7:00pm

Since the announcement of the Nintnedo NX, many have wondered whether it’ll be a home, handheld, or hybrid console. Koei Tecmo President and CEO Yoichi Erikawa suggested that it’ll be a home console device.

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Report: Nintendo Has Begun Distributing Software Kits For The NX Platform

By Sato . October 16, 2015 . 7:09am

Nintendo has begun distributing software development kits for its new NX Platform, and according to people familiar with the kit, it would likely include both a console and at least one mobile unit to go with it.

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Dragon Quest XI And X Are In Development For Nintendo NX [update]

By Sato . July 28, 2015 . 2:38am

At the end of Square Enix’s new title presentation event, it was revealed that Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are both in development for Nintendo NX.

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Dragon Quest XI Announced For PlayStation 4, And Nintendo 3DS

By Sato . July 28, 2015 . 1:52am

During Square Enix’s new Dragon Quest title presentation event, they announced Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Departed Time for PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and a Nintendo NX version in consideration.

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Nintendo Will Continue To Support Wii U And 3DS After Nintendo NX Launch

By Ishaan . July 2, 2015 . 8:42am

“It would be highly inefficient to stop releasing titles for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U right after the launch of NX,” says Iwata.

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Nintendo Receiving Many Proposals For “Joint Initiatives” From Third-Parties, Says Iwata

By Ishaan . July 2, 2015 . 8:17am

During their 75th annual shareholder meeting, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was questioned about how the company would secure third-party support for the Nintendo NX.

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Nintendo NX Will Catch The Attention Of Players Again, Says Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi

By Ishaan . June 29, 2015 . 2:02pm

Meanwhile, Shigeru Miyamoto says he isn’t as involved with the hardware design this time around.

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Metroid Prime Producer Says A New Game Would Have To Be On Nintendo NX

By Ishaan . June 17, 2015 . 1:44pm

Metroid Prime producer Kensuke Tanabe talks about the future of the series.

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Rumor: Nintendo NX’s Operating System Will Be Based On Android

By Sato . June 1, 2015 . 3:40am

Japanese publication Nikkei claims that Nintendo NX will use an operating system based on the Android OS.

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Nintendo NX Could Potentially Be Region Free, Says Iwata

By Ishaan . May 14, 2015 . 10:29am

“I personally want to give it positive consideration,” says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

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Nintendo And DeNA’s New Membership Service Will Replace Club Nintendo Rewards Program

By Ishaan . March 17, 2015 . 3:08am

In addition to developing smartphone games with Nintendo, DeNA will also help the company create its new membership service.

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Nintendo’s Next Dedicated Videogame Platform Is Codenamed “NX” [Update]

By Ishaan . March 17, 2015 . 1:25am

Nintendo is working on their next videogame platform, codenamed “NX”.

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