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Bowser Joins Nintendo of America As VP Of Sales

By Ishaan . May 20, 2015 . 6:17am

Nintendo of America have hired Doug Bowser, formerly of Electronic Arts, as their Vice-President of Sales.

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Nintendo’s Smartphone Games Will Aim “Wide And Small” For Monetization

By Ishaan . May 18, 2015 . 12:29pm

“The basis of our strategy will be how we can receive a small amount of money from a wide range of consumers,” says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

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Nintendo NX Could Potentially Be Region Free, Says Iwata

By Ishaan . May 14, 2015 . 10:29am

“I personally want to give it positive consideration,” says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

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Nintendo Details Its Plans For E3 2015

By Ishaan . May 13, 2015 . 9:11am

Nintendo are bringing back the Nintendo World Championships event for the first time in 25 years.

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Mario Kart Producer Working On Nintendo’s Smartphone Games

By Sato . May 8, 2015 . 12:48am

“With this, people should know how serious we are [about putting effort into our smartphone titles],” says Nintendo president Iwata.

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Nintendo To Release 5 Smartphone Games By March 2017

By Ishaan . May 7, 2015 . 11:48pm

Hope to reach “hundreds of millions of people all around the world”.

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Nintendo And Universal Team Up For Theme Park Attractions Based On Nintendo Properties

By Ishaan . May 7, 2015 . 3:13am

Plans for specific theme park concepts currently in the works.

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Groupon Selling New 3DS XL for 10% Off (Ends Tonight)

By Viet . April 28, 2015 . 2:26am

Until midnight tonight Central Time, you can grab a New 3DS XL for $180 at Groupon.

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Nintendo And DeNA Have Been In Talks Since 2010

By Ishaan . March 25, 2015 . 2:32pm

Specific details of partnership hashed out last Summer.

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Nintendo And DeNA’s New Membership Service Will Replace Club Nintendo Rewards Program

By Ishaan . March 17, 2015 . 3:08am

In addition to developing smartphone games with Nintendo, DeNA will also help the company create its new membership service.

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Nintendo Will Handle Planning For Their Smartphone Games, DeNA Will Operate

By Ishaan . March 17, 2015 . 2:48am

No Nintendo IP will be off-limits to DeNA, but Nintendo will handle planning for the smartphone games the two companies jointly develop.

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Nintendo’s Next Dedicated Videogame Platform Is Codenamed “NX” [Update]

By Ishaan . March 17, 2015 . 1:25am

Nintendo is working on their next videogame platform, codenamed “NX”.

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Nintendo Teams Up With DeNA To Make Smartphone Games

By Ishaan . March 17, 2015 . 12:55am

Mobile phone games maker DeNA and Nintendo have entered an alliance by which they will create and operate smartphone games together.

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Nintendo Has Five Departments, And Iwata Is In Charge Of Two Of Them

By Ishaan . March 13, 2015 . 1:02pm

Iwata reveals that he is currently in charge of the System Development Division at Nintendo, as well as the department responsible for the company’s Quality of Life initiative.

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Nintendo Revises Forecast Amidst Slowing 3DS Sales In U.S. And Europe

By Ishaan . January 27, 2015 . 11:59pm

Nintendo have shared their financial results for their third quarter, touching upon both hardware and software sales, as well as their revenue forecast for the year ahead.