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Nippon Ichi Hope To Release New "Masterpiece" Titles This Year

By Sato . January 6, 2014 . 1:25am

“The challenge is now for us to come up with two or three new masterpiece titles,” says NIS president Sohei Niikawa.

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Is Nippon Ichi Teasing A New Game With Their New Year’s Card

By Spencer . January 1, 2014 . 11:03pm

Instead of sending Christmas cards, it’s common for Japanese companies to send New Year’s Cards. Nippon Ichi Software may have hinted about a future game in a card send to Famitsu.

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Nippon Ichi Software Developing Another Action RPG

By Spencer . October 8, 2013 . 2:10am

A little tidbit from Dengeki PlayStation is Nippon Ichi Software has another action RPG in the pipeline.

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Nippon Ichi Aims To Have A Balance Of Sequels And New Games, Still Focusing On PS3

By Spencer . August 27, 2013 . 12:40am

Dengeki PlayStation has an interview with Nippon Ichi Software who said retailers reordered The Witch and the Hundred Knight, one of the company’s new IPs.

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Nippon Ichi Teases Two Games Fans Have Been Waiting For Will Be Revealed This Week

By Spencer . July 9, 2013 . 1:13am

Makai Wars Live is one of Nippon Ichi Software’s 20th anniversary projects and it’s a stage show event.

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Battle Princess Of Arcadias Is An Action RPG From Nippon Ichi Software [Update]

By Spencer . May 27, 2013 . 11:07pm

Ah, that trademark Battle Princess of Arcadias trademark filed by Nippon Ichi Software was for a new game! Dengeki PlayStation has a feature on Battle Princess of Arcadias, which is an upcoming action RPG for PlayStation 3.

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Is Nippon Ichi Working On A Game With A Battle Princess?

By Spencer . May 23, 2013 . 12:06am

Nippon Ichi Software has been branching out beyond the Disgaea series with games like Zillions of Enemy X and The Witch and the Hundred Knights. Battle Princess of Arcadias might be one of their upcoming titles that doesn’t feature a peg-legged penguin.

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Nippon Ichi Is Sponsoring A Soccer Team, So We Get Art Of Prinny Playing Soccer

By Spencer . May 18, 2013 . 1:30pm

Nippon Ichi Software’s headquarters is in Gifu, a prefecture in the middle of Japan. Showing hometown pride, the Disgaea publisher announced they are the official sponsor of the soccer team F.C. Gifu.

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That Makai Wars Tease Was For A Fan Event, Not A Game

By Spencer . April 5, 2013 . 5:10am

April Fools? The Makai Wars OOOO thing Nippon Ichi Software was teasing is unfortunately not a game starring Asagi. It’s for a 20th anniversary event called Makai Wars Live Episode 1: Asagi’s Counterattack.

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A Prinny Club Exists, You Can Play The Pokémon Card Game There

By Spencer . January 1, 2013 . 12:10am

Not too far from Nippon Ichi’s headquarters in Gifu is a real life Prinny Club. The shop has 32 seats for collectable card games like Yu-Gi-Oh if you swing by.

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Nippon Ichi Is In The Guinness Book Of World Records, Thanks Partially To Disgaea

By Spencer . December 27, 2012 . 1:49am

Nippon Ichi Software has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records and you might be able to guess why! No, it’s not for dealing the most damage dealt in one attack or for having the most peg-legged penguins on the screen.

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Disgaea 5 Will Have A New Setting And Characters, PSP Is For Otome Games

By Spencer . November 7, 2012 . 1:30pm

Nippon Ichi will focus on PlayStation 3 and Vita development in the future, but they haven’t given up on PSP.

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Fans Select Nippon Ichi’s Top 50 Male Characters

By Spencer . October 11, 2012 . 1:08am

Is Laharl number one? Of course he is, but number two might surprise you!

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Nippon Ichi Software Opening A New Studio In Osaka [Update]

By Ishaan . October 1, 2012 . 9:30am

A new Nippon Ichi studio is scheduled to open in Osaka this week.

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How Final Fantasy V Changed Nippon Ichi Software CEO Sohei Niikawa’s Dreams

By Sato . September 9, 2012 . 5:15pm

“At the time, there was a rather famous book called “Finding Employment in the Gaming Industry,” So, I bought that and applied to at least 50 companies out there. “