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On-talking-marama! Atlus discusses Ontamarama

By Spencer . October 8, 2007 . 3:14pm

Ontamarama was the out-of-left-field game on Atlus’ E3 line up. I wasn’t surprised to see Touch Detective 2 ½ or Draglade, but I barely heard of Ontamarama before I got my hands on it their booth. I spent some time with the cheerful Ontamas pressing the D-pad and furiously drawing circles on the screen, but […]

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Watch – Ontamarama trailer

By Spencer . September 6, 2007 . 11:56am

Atlus released a video clip of Ontamarama that gives a good feel for the gameplay. The action takes place on the touch screen where the cute looking Ontamas pop up. You need to circle them with a stylus (represented by some kind of magic wand) then you press a direction on the D-pad to hit […]

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Impressions on Ontamarama

By Spencer . July 14, 2007 . 8:30pm

Every year Atlus has a surprise game on their list. Last year it was Touch Detective, this year it’s Ontamarama. Before E3 I bet most people didn’t know about Ontamarama since it is fresh in Japan too, Ontamarama was released last month. There are Ouendan-like elements in Ontamarama, but Ontamarama is not an Ouendan clone. […]

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