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Mind Boggling Nintendo Innovations From Nyko

By Spencer . June 2, 2009 . 8:52am

A keyboard attached to a Wii remote and a zoom lens for the DSi camera might be good ideas, but some how Nyko turned both of these into uncomfortable looking products.

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Nyko’s posh E3 booth

By Jerisaka . July 25, 2008 . 1:44pm

    The Nyko booth at E3 was designed together with an exhibit company to create a lounge look and feel.  The use of low light, shag carpeting, and matching woolly couches created a casual atmosphere that the company has put some thought into maintaining in its exhibition presence over the years. As a result, […]

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Come and get limited edition, colored, Kama wireless nunchucks

By Spencer . April 22, 2008 . 3:31pm

I tried out Nyko’s wireless nunchuck, which felt nice and unnecessary. I’m perfectly fine with a wired nunchuck, but Nyko’s limited edition Kama wireless nunchucks are tempting. Well, tempting because they are collectible. Starting today they are taking reservations for 300 grey colored wireless nunchucks and each costs $34.99. The $15 premium over a wired […]

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Shoot zombies with Nyko’s Wii pistol shell

By Spencer . November 28, 2007 . 10:30am

The Wii Zapper is far from a realistic looking gun, but it’s the optimal way to play light gun games. Publishers are optimizing their control schemes for the zapper set up, which makes it the de facto standard. Most third party light guns shells offer some kind of holder for the nunchuck, but not Nyko’s […]

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Nyko wants you to rock and roll all night and party every day

By Dan . July 19, 2007 . 11:34am

  Actually, the rocking and rolling is more up to you but if Nyko has it's way it looks like they'd love to cover the party angle. With their new Nyko Party Station for the Nintendo Wii.   So let's get this out of the way first, this thing is ridiculous. Yet, somehow I can't […]

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The USB powered Wii remote charging station

By Spencer . February 6, 2007 . 6:09pm

Sanko is about to release a charging station for Wii remote controllers that is powered by the Wii’s USB port. The product is easy to use, you just replace the battery cover with the packaged battery pack and you can use the charger. It takes about three and a half hours to charge the remote […]

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A closer look at the Wii remote charging station

By Spencer . January 17, 2007 . 3:02pm

If you’ve been playing with your Wii you probably have had to switch batteries… at least once. The remote is great, but it eats batteries like they were free. Some savvy gamers probably picked up NiMH rechargeable batteries already, which are the only batteries the instruction manual says to use. Nyko has a more convenient […]