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Bandai Namco On Their Plan To Further Expand Into Latin America

By Robert . April 22, 2014 . 10:01am

Bandai Namco recently held their annual Global Gamer’s Day event, and discussed plans for further expanding into Latin American territories.

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One Piece Unlimited World: Red To Get 15th Anniversary DLC In U.S.

By Ishaan . April 21, 2014 . 9:30am

One Piece Unlimited World: Red will be available for PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and Wii U this July.

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One Piece Unlimited World Red 3DS Update Coming To Japan On June 12

By Spencer . April 16, 2014 . 3:45am

If you got One Piece: Unlimited World Red for Nintendo 3DS you’ll be able to get the extra content Ganbarion made for the HD version.

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One Piece Unlimited World Red For 3DS Update Will Add Law And The Coliseum

By Spencer . April 7, 2014 . 1:20am

While One Piece Unlimited World Red isn’t out in the West yet, Bandai Namco Games released it for Nintendo 3DS in Japan last year.

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One Piece Unlimited World Red Video Shows Trafalgar Law And The Corrida Coliseum

By Spencer . March 31, 2014 . 11:15pm

A new coliseum mode set in the Corrida Coliseum has Luffy and Trafalgar Law from the Royal Seven Warlords of the Sea teaming up to defeat Donquixote Doflamingo.

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One Piece Unlimited World: Red On Vita Will Be Released At Retail Via GameStop

By Ishaan . March 31, 2014 . 10:30am

Retail copies of the Vita version of One Piece Unlimited World: Red will be available through GameStop and EB Games Canada.

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One Piece Unlimited World Red Has Extra Dressrosa Arc, Trafalgar Law Playable

By Spencer . March 30, 2014 . 10:38pm

The Dressrosa arc will be added to One Piece Unlimited World Red with Doflamingo as a boss inside Corrida Colosseum.

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One Piece Unlimited World: Red’s PS3, Wii U, And Vita Versions Coming To Japan Too

By Spencer . March 23, 2014 . 11:02pm

When Bandai Namco Games confirmed One Piece Unlimited World: Red for the West it wasn’t just for Nintendo 3DS. Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 3 versions were also announced.

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One Piece Unlimited World: Red Screenshots Introduce Pato And The Red Count

By Ishaan . March 20, 2014 . 2:00pm

A new batch of screenshots for One Piece Unlimited World: Red introduces two of the new characters you’ll find in the game—Pato the raccoon and The Red Count.

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A Stash Of One Piece Unlimited World Red Screenshots

By Spencer . March 12, 2014 . 3:26pm

In Japan, the game was a Nintendo 3DS exclusive. One Piece Unlimited World Red will be available for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3 plus Wii U and PlayStation Vita as a digital release. Here’s a look at screenshots from today’s announcement.

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One Piece Unlimited World: RED Coming Westward On 3DS, Wii U, PS3 And Vita [Update]

By Ishaan . March 12, 2014 . 9:20am

One Piece Unlimited World: RED will be released in the west in 2014, Namco Bandai announced this morning.

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This Week In Sales: Congratulations, Namco And Level 5

By Ishaan . January 9, 2014 . 1:00pm

The first week of the year tends to be a time for spending in Japan, and a number of games benefited from that last week.

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This Week In Sales: A Link Between Worlds

By Ishaan . January 8, 2014 . 11:01am

On December 26th, 2013, Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds in Japan. Let’s take a look at how the game did.

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Finally! A Swimsuit That Actually Does Something Other Than Look Pretty

By Eugene . January 5, 2014 . 12:30pm

While we’re all very used to the idea of seeing gratuitous swimsuit usage, it’s always with a sigh of relief when we get to see the occasional times it’s actually got a use other than for fanservice.

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This Week In Sales: Puzzle & Dragons Z Gets Off To A Rocket Start

By Ishaan . December 18, 2013 . 2:05pm

Last week, the Nintendo 3DS received another high-profile game to adds to its repertoire, courtesy of Gung Ho Online Entertainment.

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This Week In Sales: Not Even Super Mario 3D World Can Lift Wii U Sales

By Ishaan . November 27, 2013 . 1:00pm

Super Mario 3D World’s first-week sales are the lowest of any Mario game released in the past seven years.

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