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We consult Atlus about their wave of Xbox 360 strategy RPGs

By Spencer . July 29, 2008 . 3:34pm

Atlus is taking a plunge into Xbox 360 publishing with three titles this summer. All of them are strategy RPGs from different brands with different settings. Spectral Force 3 takes veteran tacticians to familiar territory with swords and elves. Operation Darkness looks at World War II if it had vampires and werewolves. Zoids Assault is […]

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In the trenches of Operation Darkness

By Spencer . June 24, 2008 . 9:29pm

In Operation Darkness Hitler can repel bullets with psychic powers. Werewolves from Scotland wage war against the Blood Clan, vampires employed by the Nazi army. I’m not sure if Atlus or Success made the decision, but Operation Darkness twists history with caution. Cordelia emphasizes not all Germans are evil. In fact you even meet an […]

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Revised Operation Darkness script is in English only

By Spencer . June 13, 2008 . 4:08pm

Aoshi00 asked if Operation Darkness had a Japanese language option. I thought it did, but when I scrolled through the menus I couldn’t find anything. I sent over an e-mail to see to if I was missing it in the build I have and discovered Operation Darkness will not contain the original voice acting.   […]

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Opening up Operation Darkness, running into zombies

By Spencer . June 11, 2008 . 7:39pm

In the first mission Edward Kyle is an ordinary soldier who enlisted in the British Army after his girlfriend Alicia was killed by the Nazis. You only get to control him and his buddy Jude Lancelot who happens to be Alicia’s brother. Since the game is set in World War II no one runs around […]

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Operation Darkness demo tactically appears on Xbox Live

By Spencer . April 24, 2008 . 12:05pm

We’ve seen an Operation Darkness demo before, but it was region locked. Since we’re nearing towards June 24 release date, Atlus put the North American version of demo online. You can get it if you’re a gold member now. However, silver account holders have to wait a week to download the 493MB file. The Japanese […]

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Supernatural powers shown in Operation Darkness trailer

By Spencer . April 9, 2008 . 1:49pm

The squad you control in Operation Darkness can change into werewolves and blow buildings up with rocket launchers. These attacks are spliced together in the latest trailer. As a tactician you have a choice rend your enemies with magic or pick skeletons off with guns. A rare blend in the strategy RPG genre, which piqued […]

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Operation Darkness clouds skies in June

By Spencer . March 25, 2008 . 10:28am

Looking for a strategy RPG for the Xbox 360 where werewolves rend World War II soldiers? Operation Darkness is your game and Atlus is releasing it in North America on June 24 and it will be region free.   I don’t think this has been mentioned much before, but the Japanese release includes Xbox Live […]

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Operation Darkness demo is region locked for North America

By Spencer . February 3, 2008 . 2:30pm

This might be old news to some, but an accumulating amount of tips (thanks everyone!!) claimed the Operation Darkness demo is not available to gamers in North America. I asked a few other people living in the US with Japanese Xbox Live accounts to check this out and the result is they cannot get access […]

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Operation Darkness slips onto Xbox Live with English subtitles

By Spencer . December 20, 2007 . 12:05pm

We know Atlus is bringing us Operation Darkness sometime next year, but if you can’t wait to command werewolves in an alternate WWII strategy RPG log on to Xbox Live. The Japanese marketplace has a free demo with Mission 06: The Eyes of the Needle”. Don’t worry about a language barrier either, with the exception […]

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Atlus becomes an Xbox 360 publisher, picks up Operation Darkness

By Spencer . November 16, 2007 . 4:00pm

It’s near the end of the day and Atlus sent over some surprising news. Atlus is now an official Xbox 360 third party publisher and next year they are releasing two games. They picked up the rights to Spectral Force 3, an Idea Factory strategy RPG from 2006. Atlus also has the rights to Success’s […]

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Hands on Operation Darkness

By Spencer . September 21, 2007 . 4:44pm

Poor Success Corporation. They didn’t even have a full booth at Tokyo Game Show! If it wasn’t for Operation Darkness being stocked at Microsoft’s booth I don’t think they would have a presence.   I hopped on to one of the two Operation Darkness demo stations right in the middle of a briefing. Yes, there […]

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In October Operation Darkness opens the door for SRPGs on the 360

By Spencer . July 30, 2007 . 6:22am

I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but if you didn’t hear about it Success Corp is working on an original strategy RPG for the Xbox 360. Operation Darkness blends elements of World War II with stuff from fantasy novels like werewolves. Battles have your typical grid based SRPG system with Xbox Live support for […]

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Operation Darkness, Werewolves in WWII

By Spencer . July 5, 2007 . 10:39am

We’ve mentioned Operation Darkness a few times before and after a period of silence Famitsu posted new screenshots of the game. Operation Darkness takes the timeline of World War II and twists it by adding things like werewolves. Since there is a lack of original strategy RPGs on the Xbox 360, Operation Darkness is a […]

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Operation Darkness: the 360’s military strategy RPG

By Spencer . April 30, 2007 . 7:41am

After a period of silence and a delay to 2007, Success Corp released a new trailer for Operation Darkness. Unlike most strategy RPGs, which are set in a backdrop of sorcery and swords, Operation Darkness is set in a period where you have modern weapons. Maybe Operation Darkness is better explained as Final Fantasy Tactics […]

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Operation Darkness: tactics on the 360

By Spencer . November 3, 2006 . 3:00pm

If there is one genre underrepresented on the Xbox 360 it has to be strategy RPGs. Success Corp is about to change this with Operation Darkness, a grid based strategy RPG set in around the time of World War II. It isn’t another WWII clone, Operation Darkness is more like a “what if” storyline. The […]