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Dex Puts You In A Rich, Side-Scrolling Cyberpunk RPG

By Eugene . December 9, 2013 . 4:30pm

Do the words “Drecker” or “Shodan” send shivers down your Internet-ready spine? Then you need to check out Kickstarter darling Dex.

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Zelda And Diablo Inspired RPG, Hyper Light Drifter, Shows Off Its Combat

By Eugene . November 4, 2013 . 2:58pm

Hyper Light Drifter, which managed to more than exceed its Kickstarter stretch goals, has shown off the first, pre-alpha video of how combat will work in the game.

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Raiden Legacy Brings Shmups To Ouya

By Spencer . August 2, 2013 . 12:32am

Raiden Legacy is a collection with Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighters Jet. Originally released for smartphones and PC, DotEmu ported Raiden Legacy to Ouya so you can play the four arcade games on your TV.

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Ouya Works Much Better With A PlayStation 3 Controller

By Spencer . June 30, 2013 . 10:28am

The biggest problem with the Ouya hardware is the controller. It’s bulky and the face buttons can get stuck in the shell. Here’s some good news – you don’t have to use the Ouya controller to play games with it.

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Get A Beta Key For ChronoBlade Right Here

By Spencer . April 9, 2013 . 4:53pm

nWay Games has been working on a skill based dungeon crawler called ChronoBlade. The game is currently in beta and Siliconera readers can get a first crack at it.

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Delver’s Drop: As Pretty As Link To The Past, But As Mysterious As The Very First Zelda

By Matt . April 4, 2013 . 10:20am

When asked what one game Delver’s Drop is compared to the most, at least on a purely visual level, the answer is always Legend of Zelda: The Link to the Past for the SNES.

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Action RPG ChronoBlade And A New Game From The Papo & Yo Studio Set For Ouya

By Spencer . February 28, 2013 . 4:32pm

Kickstarter backers will get a shiny Ouya on March 28. Games like Final Fantasy III, Saturday Morning RPG, Double Fine’s The Cave, and Shadowrun Online are in development for the Android OS console.

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Namco Bandai In "Active Discussions" To Develop Games For Ouya

By Spencer . August 8, 2012 . 5:37pm

Looks like Square Enix might not be the only Japanese publisher to back Ouya. Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing at Namco Bandai Games America, is in “active discussions” with Ouya.

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Ouya Gains XBMC Media Player And Radio Stations From TuneIn

By Spencer . August 7, 2012 . 1:08pm

Ouya, the $99 Android video game console, also doubles as a media player. The open source XMBC player will be available for Ouya, perhaps even built into the system.

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Square Enix Backing Ouya With Final Fantasy III Slated As A Launch Title

By Spencer . July 31, 2012 . 1:47am

From DS to iOS to Android and soon PSP, Final Fantasy III is everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. It isn’t on your TV. That’s going to change in March 2013 when Ouya launches.

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With Almost $5 Million In Funding, What’s Next For Ouya?

By Spencer . July 16, 2012 . 3:04pm

“With our stretch goals, we have two constituencies in mind. Game Developers and Game Fans. We think game fans will primarily want stretch goals focused on content, whereas developers will be focused on features, partnerships and tools.”