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Gaming and game-inspired music: Why the rift?

By Jerisaka . September 13, 2008 . 3:02pm

It can be a strange feeling walking into a Virgin Megastore in Los Angeles and finding only a handful of videogame soundtracks. By contrast, today in Tokyo the staff of Tsutaya Shibuya recommends Echochrome Original Soundtrack, Tower is calling attention to the score for Siren New Translation, and Rockman 9 OST has just hit the […]

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Sound Current: The PAX 10

By Jerisaka . September 6, 2008 . 3:30pm

Fifty judges comprised of industry experts were asked by the organizers of the Penny Arcade Expo to select ten outstanding independent games for this year’s PAX 10 showcase. The finalists ranged from ambitious takes on familiar genres like 3D action adventure and RTS to off-the-wall story and gameplay ideas.   Dylan Fitterer created a rhythm […]

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Iron Chef America impressions – a well baked Cooking Mama clone

By Louise . September 3, 2008 . 6:21pm

When I first saw Cooking Mama, I had the great idea of making an Iron Chef game. Unfortunately, Destineer already beat me to that since they’re coming out with Iron Chef America for the Wii and DS.   The Wii version has more cut scenes and voice overs, but overall the game play between the […]

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Meta: game journalists talk game journalism

By Jerisaka . September 1, 2008 . 9:14pm

The “Game Criticism and Old Game Journalism” panel at the Penny Arcade Expo brought together four writers to talk about their views on games and games reporting. They included Chris Kohler of Wired’s Game|Life blog, Karen Chu, formerly of 1Up, MTV Multiplayer’s Patrick Klepek, and Gus Mastrapa, a contributor to the Onion’s A.V. Club. While […]

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Bomberman Blast in brief

By Louise . September 1, 2008 . 5:45pm

Bomberman Blast takes advantage of the Wiimote controls by adding a couple new items. The rocket item allows players to shake the Wiimote when they’re in a tight spot to blast off the screen for a few seconds. Those…

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Audiosurf: musical rollercoaster of the PAX 10

By Jerisaka . August 30, 2008 . 2:06am

The PAX 10 is a selection of independent games recognized by the organizers of the Penny Arcade Expo.  Among them this year is Audiosurf, the first game to use Steamworks, a free development suite based on Valve's game design technology.  The PC title allows players to participate in rhythm-action gameplay to the beat of the […]

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Hothead talks Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Two

By Jerisaka . August 30, 2008 . 1:38am

Penny Arcade Adventures has seen the appearance of such characters from the webcomic as Tycho’s precocious niece “Anarchy,” who shows up in 1920′s New Arcadia as autodidact Anne-Claire, the Fruit Fucker 2000 juicer, given a steampunk redesign, and Charles, who will appear in Episode Two, sans iPhone. Hothead COO Joel DeYoung contends that with…