Post 457936

Evolve A Single Pixel Into A 32-Bit Boy In The Adventures Of Pip, Coming To Consoles And PC In May

By Chris . January 27, 2015 . 11:59am

Help Pip absorb pixels to become a 32-bit boy in this action platformer. It has a soundtrack by the Shovel Knight composer, and will be coming to PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4.

Post 459922

Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Takes Place 30 Years After The 2nd, Now On Greenlight

By Chris . January 27, 2015 . 8:25am

Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 is now on Steam Greenlight with a teaser trailer, screenshots, and a description.

Post 459968

Dragon’s Dogma Online Will Be A Free-to-Play Game For PC, PS4 And PS3

By Sato . January 27, 2015 . 3:17am

Dragon’s Dogma Online is in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and will release in Japan sometime this year.

Post 459880

Life Is Strange Will Have New Episodes Every Six Weeks

By Spencer . January 26, 2015 . 10:45pm

The first episode of Life is Strange, Square Enix and Dotnod Entertainment’s episodic adventure game, comes out on January 30. Dotnod confirmed to Siliconera that new episodes for Life is Strange are scheduled to come out every six weeks.

Post 459562

Super Smash Bros. Fan Project Told Not To Stream During Apex 2015

By Chris . January 26, 2015 . 5:31pm

As Nintendo is sponsoring Apex 2015 the creators of Super Smash Bros. Crusade have been told to not stream during the event.

Post 459819

Inazuma Eleven Online To Shut Down After Less Than A Year Of Service

By Sato . January 26, 2015 . 3:29pm

Level-5 and NHN PlayArt officially began the service for Inazuma Eleven Online back in June of last year.

Post 459842

Green Man Gaming Is Now A Game Publisher, And This Is Their First Game

By Ishaan . January 26, 2015 . 11:29am

A new division of the company, dubed Green Man Loaded, has been picking up indie titles for release, and this morning they announced their first game.

Post 459043

Take A Look At How Ninja Theory Discusses Ideas For Hellblade’s Combat System

By Ishaan . January 25, 2015 . 5:01pm

Ninja Theory have shared a glimpse at a recent combat review meeting that was held at the studio to discuss Hellblade’s combat system

Post 458338

Fault Milestone Two Gets A Teaser Trailer

By Ishaan . January 25, 2015 . 2:00pm

Sekai Project have released a teaser trailer for Fault Milestone Two.

Post 459516

J-Horror Game Night Cry Now Has A Kickstarter For Its PC Version

By Chris . January 25, 2015 . 12:27pm

The Kickstarter campaign for Night Cry’s PC version is now live. It has improved graphics and lighting compared to the mobile version.

Post 457946

It’s Now Easy To Create Visual Novels In Doom

By Chris . January 25, 2015 . 9:29am

A new mod for Doom makes it easy for anyone to create their own visual novel featuring all the demons they want.

Post 458722

Hack-‘N’-Slasher Children Of Morta Could Come To PS4, Xbox One, And Wii U

By Chris . January 24, 2015 . 1:59pm

Dark fantasy hack-’n’-slasher Children of Morta is now on Kickstarter to raise funds towards its completion.

Post 458064

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Outfits Are Coming To Phantasy Star Online 2

By Ishaan . January 23, 2015 . 5:30pm

More crossover content for Sega’s online multiplayer game.

Post 458742

Super Chain Crusher Horizon Is One Of The Biggest Shmups Ever Made

By Chris . January 23, 2015 . 4:31pm

Japanese studio Mindware Co.’s Super Chain Crusher Horizon runs in ultra widescreen at 3200 x 800 pixels. It’s all about chaining together explosions for points.

Post 458716

Cute Japanese Shooter Gocco Of War Lets You Team Up With Friends

By Chris . January 23, 2015 . 2:30pm

Take down bosses in online co-op, earn new materials, create new costumes to show off and earn extra abilities.