Post 421097

Aigis And Akihiko Suit Up For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

By Ishaan . July 31, 2014 . 2:25am

Atlus have put out another two gameplay videos of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, featuring Aigis and Akihiko from Persona 3.

Post 420964

Marie Will Be Free DLC For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax For One Week

By Spencer . July 30, 2014 . 5:40pm

Marie from Persona 4 Golden joins Adachi as a downloadable playable character for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. For the first week after the fighting game launches in North America, Marie will be free to download.

Post 417655

Marie Takes Center Stage In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s Latest Video

By Sato . July 24, 2014 . 2:56am

The “Tsundere Poet of the Hollow Forest,” Marie, is back to show what she can do in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Post 417240

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Gets English Trailers For Junpei, Yukari And Rise

By Ishaan . July 23, 2014 . 1:00pm

Atlus USA have released English-language trailers for three of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s new characters.

Post 415856

Elizabeth And Teddie Roll Out In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s Latest Trailers

By Sato . July 17, 2014 . 9:59am

Elizabeth and Teddie are the latest set of fighters to be highlighted in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax character videos.

Post 415590

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Shows A First Look At Marie In Action

By Sato . July 16, 2014 . 9:32am

The first screenshots of Persona 4 Golden’s Marie in the upcoming fighter.

Post 415226

Marie To Appear As A Playable DLC Character In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

By Sato . July 15, 2014 . 6:40am

She is said to have various long-ranged attacks, along with some poking attacks to keep opponents in check.

Post 412749

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Video Covers Changes Made To Yu, Mitsuru And More

By Ishaan . July 11, 2014 . 9:01am

Atlus USA have shared the first in a series of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax videos that go over some of the major changes made in this version of the game.

Post 413752

Another Look At Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s PS3 And PS4 Arcade Stick

By Sato . July 10, 2014 . 10:34pm

The Persona 4 Arena Ultimax arcade stick consists of high-quality parts made by Sanwa, the leading manufacturer of arcade parts, in a Viewlix layout, as shown above.

Post 413634

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s New Trailer Is All About Cutscenes

By Ishaan . July 10, 2014 . 1:09pm

A new trailer for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax shows off cutscenes pertaining to the game’s new playable characters.

Post 413652

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Will Be Region-Free Says Atlus USA [Update]

By Ishaan . July 10, 2014 . 10:41am

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is not region-locked, Atlus USA announced this morning.

Post 411918

Persona Stalker Club Episode 5: All About Adachi And Cabbage

By Sato . July 7, 2014 . 5:31pm

What kind of food does Adachi like to eat? Does he smoke? All your burning Adachi questions answered!

Post 412145

The Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s Premium Edition Package Made For Japan

By Spencer . July 6, 2014 . 11:39pm

Atlus will release a Persona 4 Arena Ultimax premium edition in Japan. This version will ship with a special cover pictured inside.

Post 411678

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Reintroduces Naoto And Kanji

By Ishaan . July 3, 2014 . 8:30am

Another two characters from the upcoming Persona fighter.

Post 411078

Over An Hour Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Gameplay In English

By Ishaan . July 1, 2014 . 10:00pm

Atlus USA have shared over an hour of gameplay footage of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Post 411024

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Has Adachi As Free DLC At Launch In The Americas

By Spencer . July 1, 2014 . 12:32pm

Also see the English screenshots of Adachi and a color scheme that looks like a Batman villain.

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