Post 220891

Chie’s Many Persona 4: Arena Colors

By Spencer . June 21, 2012 . 5:49pm

Atlus sent us some more screenshots of Inaba’s biggest kung fu fan, Chie Satonaka.

Post 220021

When Teddie Meets Mitsuru In Persona 4: Arena

By Spencer . June 18, 2012 . 4:33pm

New videos from Persona 4: Arena’s story mode shows Teddie meeting two guests from Persona 3. He runs into Akihiko and Mitsuru who he’s kind of hostile too.

Post 219820

Persona 4 Takes The Stage Again With Visualive Persona 4 The Evolution

By Spencer . June 18, 2012 . 1:25am

Persona 4 is everywhere from TV shows, to arcades, and on your daily commute if you own a PlayStation Vita. If that isn’t enough Persona 4 for you, in October you can see actors play Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, and the protagonist Yu again.

Post 219139

Listen Up! Mitsuru Is Here With Advanced Persona 4: Arena Tips

By Spencer . June 14, 2012 . 11:04am

Mitsuru who has been practicing fencing overseas has a bunch of other strategies for Persona 4: Arena players like how to do a skill boost.

Post 218975

In Persona 4: Arena, Teddie Is Labrys’ "Knight" And Naoto Is Tailing Mitsuru

By Spencer . June 13, 2012 . 4:07pm

After Yu left Inaba in Persona 4, Teddie kept busy by working at Junes. One day he can’t find Yosuke, so he dives inside the TV world to go look for him.

Post 218566

Shadow Labrys Always Has Her Persona At Her Side In Persona 4: Arena

By Kris . June 11, 2012 . 5:00pm

She was different from the other characters due to the fact that Asterius, her giant metallic bull of a persona, was constantly onscreen.

Post 218523

Rearranged Persona Music Comes With Persona 4: Arena Pre-Orders

By Spencer . June 11, 2012 . 1:48pm

Atlus is bundling a bonus item with Persona 4: Arena. Reserve the fighting game and you’ll get a Persona 4 Arena arranged soundtrack too.

Post 218203

Live Near London? Then You Can Play Persona 4: Arena

By Spencer . June 9, 2012 . 7:29am

Persona 4: Arena made its English debut earlier this week at E3. Tomorrow, Zen United will give gamers in the UK a chance to try the fighting game.

Post 217538

Persona 4: Arena Has Extra Colors And Glasses For Sale As Paid DLC

By Spencer . June 6, 2012 . 3:24am

Famitsu reports Persona 4: Arena will come with eight color variations built-in to the game, but it isn’t clear how many more players will be able to purchase.

Post 217023

Persona 4: Arena Has An Option For English And Japanese Voiceovers

By Spencer . June 5, 2012 . 12:46am

“While it remains a feature we are unable to add in every one of our releases due to any number of factors, we are incredibly excited to be able to offer our fans the frequently requested dual language option.”

Post 215747

Persona 4: Arena Will Release A Week Sooner In Japan

By Ishaan . May 30, 2012 . 11:00am

Atlus will release Persona 4: Arena just a little bit sooner in Japan than planned.

Post 215210

Kanji Meets His Shadow Self In Persona 4: Arena

By Spencer . May 28, 2012 . 1:00pm

You may have defeated Shadow Kanji before, but he’s back for Persona 4: Arena.

Post 214774

Persona 4: Arena Airs In Europe Later This Year

By Spencer . May 25, 2012 . 12:03pm

Zen United, the European publisher, will bring Persona 4: Arena to the MCM Expo in London on Saturday, May 26.

Post 214431

Labrys Gets To Be Persona 4: Arena’s Cover Girl

By Ishaan . May 24, 2012 . 8:30am

Atlus have locked down the cover art for Persona 4: Arena on consoles, and Labrys gets the spotlight.

Post 212857

In Persona 4: Arena Yukiko Is A Chef & Kanji Fights His Other Self

By Spencer . May 17, 2012 . 5:31pm

Yukiko hears rumors that the Midnight Channel is back on air and enters the TV world, bento box in hand, hoping to show off her hard work.

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