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Pictures From The Live-Action Persona 4 Stage Play

By Ishaan . March 15, 2012 . 12:32pm

Marvelous AQL’s live-action Persona 4 stage play kicked off in Japan today.

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Persona 4’s Teddie Gets His Own Toy (& Telly)

By Ishaan . December 28, 2011 . 2:30pm

Teddie gets his own figure, complete with a television set.

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First Look At Persona 4 Visual Live’s Cast In Costume

By Ishaan . December 23, 2011 . 10:30am

Take a first look at the protagonist, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko.

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Persona 4: The Play Coming To Japan In March

By Spencer . November 14, 2011 . 1:08am

Live action Persona 4 adaptation takes the stage in Ikebukuro in March 2012.

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Persona Gets Its Own Monthly Magazine In Japan

By Ishaan . October 18, 2011 . 1:31pm

A monthly Persona Magazine will be launched in Japan starting next month, covering various aspects of the series.

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Persona 4 the Animation Licensed For U.S. Release

By Ishaan . September 28, 2011 . 11:01am

It hasn’t even begun airing in Japan yet, but the Persona 4 anime has already been licensed for a U.S. release.

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The Most Talkative Persona 4 Anime Trailer Yet

By Ishaan . September 15, 2011 . 4:35pm

A new trailer for the Persona 4 anime that’s over a minute long.

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Here’s The Latest 10-Second Persona 4 Anime Teaser

By Ishaan . September 14, 2011 . 2:05pm

It’s Naoto’s turn to shine…for ten seconds, anyway.

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D-Arts To Release Persona 4 Izanagi Figure

By Ishaan . September 3, 2011 . 12:31pm

NCSX are already taking pre-orders for it.

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The Latest Persona 4 Anime Teaser Is All About Personas

By Ishaan . August 27, 2011 . 12:31pm
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This Atlus Teaser Site Reminds Us Of A Popular Atlus Game

By Ishaan . August 24, 2011 . 10:55pm

Atlus have put up a new teaser site. Here’s what you’ll see if you click the link.

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Can You Figure Out What This Persona 4 Anime Teaser Is About?

By Ishaan . August 16, 2011 . 9:58am

Because we can’t.

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Now, You Too Can Own These Glasses

By Ishaan . August 7, 2011 . 2:31pm

The Atlus-D-Shop in Japan has a pair of glasses for sale.

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Persona 4 Anime Also Has Singers From The Game

By Ishaan . July 26, 2011 . 12:16pm

Shihoko Hirata, who sang a number of songs for the game’s soundtrack, is singing for the anime as well.

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Are You Ready For Another Super Short Persona 4 Anime Teaser?

By Ishaan . July 18, 2011 . 1:30pm

We’re still on the Risette chain of events as far as Persona 4 anime teasers go.

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